Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Updates and our trip to Bandung

- Nu, you're up to some real naughty stuff these days. You'll come and tell me daddy maare/daddy sataye or S did it with this upset face and then when I ask you, Aap kya kare? you'll suddenly smile and cover your mouth and say: main na... main na S ku kick kari or main na... main na 7 dabadi :D I just burst out laughing instead of getting mad at you! 

- you're also extremely violent, you'll just go and whack S for no reason or pull her hair, even when she's sleeping. I have no idea how to put an end to it. Your didi while she sometimes shuts you out of the room or pushes you away sometimes, she is on the whole very tolerant 

- Sa, you're learning to solve simple addition/subtraction problems in school  and surprised me yesterday when I asked you about the number of available seats would change if we sat down in the upper deck. ma sha Allah, barakAllahu feeki. BUT then today we got your report card and while your performance is good, your teacher said, 'needs more guidance to remain focused' and 'needs to write numbers properly' (because your 2s and 3s tend to face the wrong way). Sometimes when you get them right and I congratulate you, you tell me you checked the numbers against the clock :D Think that was your teacher's idea initially  but you still do it! 

- Ramadan is coming! I meant to write about our trip to Bandung but never got down to it. 

Day 1 ( Sat.) : Leave home at 2.30, reach on time but thanks to crowds and visa (why didn't they charge us for our visa on arrival?) reach the exit only at 5.30. Meet our driver Mr. Nuri and get into the car only to get stuck in traffic and reach the hotel by 7ish. We freshen up and leave for Cihampelas: a place to buy jeans, cheap t-shirts etc. We want to have dinner and finally walk into a mall where we eat at... something Rajah restaurant. There's Kung Pow (spelling?) and Hong-Kong chicken or something. Delicious stuff. End of dinner soured by people  smoking at a nearby table. Smoking and traffic: the only two things that I hated during our trip. 

Day 2: Wake up early, (actually 1 hour earlier than we had to because of the time difference), have a buffet breakfast  and leave for Kawai Putih with Mr. Nuri. He knows some shortcuts but we're still on the road for 3 hours or more before we get close. Like all the reviews I read on TripAdvisor, I agree, the drive is worth it. We get caught in the rain, Sarah plays with a bottle of bubble soap, next stop:Glamping Rancabali. it's pouring rain and the restaurant-on-a-ship is full with a huge crowd waiting. We're too hungry to wait, and Mr. Nuri takes us to Kampung Strawberry where we eat some yummy Mee Goreng and Chicken Satay (I had the same dish maybe three times during that trip?).We get some photos at a tiiiiiiiiny strawberry farm next door. We then leave for the deer farm. The kids enjoy feeding the deer, then there are hot springs next door but S just walks a little in the shallows. A Minion helium balloon is bought which seems pretty creepy and  lifelike in our photos.  We begin the journey back to the hotel but decide to stop at a Rabbit garden Mr. Nuri points out. Very scenic place, with aggressive rabbits running around looking for food. Loved it. Then after what seems like years we reach home (Imagine fighting 3 hours of traffic and heaving a sigh of relief at the sight of the city, only to immediately get caught in city traffic! And to top that, Mr. Nuri tells us he got us from the less busy route!) We order room service , and the food wasn't half as good as we'd beem having outside. We collapsed and then woke up relatively later the next day. 

Day 3: Checking out, breakfast, office work cause delays and we finally leave around 11. First stop:, Farmhouse at Lembang. Due to a family emergency, we have a new driver, an extremely patient man but who speaks no English. We spend hours in bumper to bumper traffic to get to the Farmhouse. The traffic to Kawai Putih at least was moving. This was bad, considering we were still recovering from Day 2. When we finally get out of the car, I realise I sat on a melting Toblerone and now have so much chocolate smeared on the seat of my grey abayah. I figure I'll just go to the restroom and wash it off. Only the farmhouse is about a 10 minute walk away and there I walk in front of so many people with a huge brown smear... Alhamdulillah it didn't leave any stains after washing. 

(part 2 to be continued iA. Too exhausted. ) 

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