Friday, April 7, 2017


I miss writing here. This might be a short one... 

Nu, you're 21 months old. Every time someone asks me your age, I think of saying 18. You're growing up so fast. You talk so much. I'm trying to teach you everyone's names and you just keep saying everyone's name is my name :/. Finally, you recognise yourself and name yourself! I love how you're so good at recognising patterns, waving to a taxi, telling the taxi driver our destination...Barakallahu feeki. You are a pretty complex person now so it's not so easy to describe you but let me try harder... you are really affectionate with me, hugging me with gentle pats, kissing me... melty-me! You try to comfort S too when she's crying saying "issokay S" but of course you guys love to quarrel with each other. You can even complain S maare now :D you're very good with saying thanks, and often tell me thanksies mummam hai yeh. Both you and S loooooove babies, and S is often introducing you to people or introducing babies to you. She's a very nice big sister like that :D

S, you're all about drawing, writing and demoing stuff. Like you were born to be a TV presenter :D your Shz heartbreak is slowly healing with your two friends from Qur'an class. But everytime we take you away from your friends, it makes you so angry! Last week you made a couple of story books and I hope you'll continue to write and not declare, "books are boring! i want to watch TV! " like you did the other day! (facepalm). You still like Fancy Nancy and will read those kinds of books by yourself after we get them from the library. Pasir Ris and Sunplaza parks are still your most favourite places to play as is the PR library (and a biiig favourite with me too) . Now if they could just move the library to the beach, and we could stay right beside it... :D #jannahgoals 

Both of you loooooove cats, love singing taiyo taiyo, climbing on your dad when he gets home,  love playing footsie, jumping on the bed, pointing out tamtam!, going to the park, looking at pets near Prata Wala <3,  I loooove you both... so much. 

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