Sunday, May 8, 2016

10 months

So,  Nu, you completed 10 months 2 days ago. It's been cool to compare your progress with your sister's, thanks to this blog. You guys seem to be doing pretty much the same things,  i guess you're a teeny bit more quicker at picking up stuff. So here's a summary of what you've been up to:
- you're finally crawling properly
- you love bouncing all the time
- you love your sister and love having a screaming match with her. Not really kind to my ears. Our poor neighbours
- when she's sleeping, you'll go and lie down on top of her and keep smacking her on her head like you  do to everything else
- you're a picky eater in comparison...  You won't eat most fruit and love spicy stuff. That may have something to do with my  diet though
- you love the roomba sooo much,  assaulting it every now and then
- you don't have any words yet though you can wave bye bye,  and understand a few everyday words
- your favourite word right now sounds like bmmmba but who knows what it means
- [updated 9th May] .  Nurah you said "cat" today! You even pointed at the cat stuffed toy and said it! Subhanallah,  it's just amazing how babies learn. You seem to be repeating lots of words though you tend not to repeat them more than once usually. 

Now about the girl who is OBSESSED with her age and growing older, 
- Sarah,  you sometimes say the sweetest things like "did you and daddy miss nurah and me when we were still in the hospital?" -  made me melt
- you keep doing really button-pushing things these days so one day in the bathroom,  i screamed exasperatedly and said,  "why did you do this?!" and without blinking an eye,  you said "my brain is not working"! I really need to watch what I say to you!
- you've always been very social but now I've been to notice how sometimes you get too chatty,  talking to random strangers and telling them details of your life that they're not really interested in :D stuff like "mummy,  can i show the pizza uncle my [latest fascination]?" . You love to introduce nurah to these strangers too. Awww,  baby.
- both of you are loud. Nurah screams and scares away people and you love to sing and teach [your poor parents] lots of songs
- you are obsessed with dressing like a ballerina and princesses

I'm going to stop and post this now. More as it happens in sha Allah (and i have the time)

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