Saturday, February 27, 2016


So much to write about... where do I begin?

Sarah, you're obsessed with your age and asking me when you'll grow up and when you'll turn 4. Your vocabulary is increasing at a crazy rate so it feels good to see you stumble once in a while... like today when you said karoti for katori and it took me a minute to figure out that one!  You love TV and Damisht stories and can do anything for them. I used to think your goofiness wasn't appreciated by Nu but she's proving that wrong. She loves laughing with you and gets all excited when she sees your van during your drop-off. You love making things with your Magna tiles and seem to have a real artistic flair.

Nu, it's amazing how much you've changed in the past two weeks: you're now pulling up to stand, babbling na-na and mummmm, sounds often heard mostly during your favourite meals of oats. Love grabbing our plates and always want to eat what we're eating.  You're becoming naughty too, always rushing off to grab the steel rod or an open cupboard/fridge. These days the first thing you do after your afternoon nap is to climb on to your sister's bed and bang and pull on her head. You're just so cute and like your daddy says,  even I wish there was always a baby of this age in the house.

My life... For the past few weeks just seems to be an endless cycle of SAHMing.  I finally am getting both kids off to sleep earlier but it hasn't freed me up as much as I'd hoped. Probably because during the same time Nu has started needing more attention and care.  I can't imagine how people with more kids manage. I still feel like I have a long way to go to be the organized mom with an always clean home all the time.  The struggle to be that woman vs. the woman who also manages to work in studying, reading,  writing and general brain work continues. Apparently this sense of loss of self is common and hopefully will decrease with time. I also need to recognize that there are solid reasons behind why I chose this path and be grateful that I could do it. Reading 'The Marshmallow Test' is helping me do this but I wish I had more time to read.

Last week was pretty haywire with all the house-searching etc. May Allah ta'ala help us make the right decision.

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