Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Update #whatever

I was just telling the husband that in about 4 months, Nu will be one. ONE YEAR OLD in sha Allah. Howwwww(l). As terrible as the last few weeks have been, I can't stand the thought of her babyness going away.  Except for her not sleeping well, I love love love this stage. She is so cute ma  sha Allah.She's occasionally trying to prop herself on all fours but otherwise will scoot around every where. It's funny how she keeps getting stuck at the end of her mattress because she's too scared of falling. I'm being fussy and tending to put her in the walker so she doesn't crawl and get dirty even though the floors are pretty clean. Even though Sarah used to crawl on floors that were much worse, no thanks indian mittid un-roads. She's not very openly affectionate like S was but I'm definitely her favourite person in the world. She's still having major stranger anxiety and will not even tolerate her dad for too long. Sometimes she's in his arms but will only look at me. Weird baby. But so yummy. Ma sha Allah :D

Sarah is busy building many different things with her magnetic tiles. She keeps trying to pick up nurah or will drag her. Scary but kind sister. S must get a story every night and it must be in Chinese (because every language that is not English is Chinese, including Urdu). The story must be about Damisht, her brother Danish and their mom and dad. Damisht being a doll that came with her doll house. Her vocabulary and accent are heavily influenced by TV and school so her English is very mish-mashed yet still pretty good alhamdulillah.

This Chinese New year long weekend we went to the beach park and the zoo. The first was rejuvenating (except for getting caught in a sudden thunderstorm at the end) and the second was pretty exhausting as expected. That's all I can write for now.  Alhamdulillah alaa kulli haal.

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