Saturday, January 16, 2016

Update #

As I write this,  Nu is lying beside me playing with her toes and blowing bubbles. Yes, very cute but third was supposed to be my downtime! But the way it works is that S must, rather MUSTERESTTEREST make a lot of noise before going to sleep and wake up Nu. Only then can she fall asleep in peace!

Annnyway, we're back from the vacation which was very whirlwind thanks to the wedding. Barely got to sit and chat with the parents or go out with M. I was either shopping or busy with the kids. The wedding was thankfully made less of a hassle because the venues were within the hotel or close by. I'd thought s would be the life of the party but she fell sick  (and also had a nasty fall the night before) and was whiny throughout except for when M bhaiya was around.

Nu has thankfully become much more social after the visit. I wish we (continuing this after a WEEK)

were living closer to our families but I will admit that the pollution in Hyderabad is really worrying me and I'm grateful for the clean air here (except when the haze is on, obviously). There are no parks nearby and no opportunities for physical activity and that is something I find almost indispensable now.

Anyway I have time only for a few lines here so here are some bulleted updates:

- Nu at 6.5 months is now doing some army crawling but isn't perfect yet
- she loves her walker and I'm so grateful for it. Gives both of us freedom
- she now extends her arms when I say aao and is also doing it at other times (extending and twisting wrist)
- M is working later and on weekends these past few days so we haven't done much. I am really,  really,  really looking forward to some time off
- Sarah and her non-stop talking and stories are continuing.  She demands stories at all times of the day and night but usually gets a quick meta story in the afternoon and one in the night. She's picked up this really annoying whining Daniel Tiger - style which gets on my nerves so I'm teaching her how to not whine. She's also really funny and smart ma sha Allah... sometimes saying very adult like things. These aren't one of those but apparently the flight attendant says, "passenger your seat belt" :D and she couldn't ishu earlier that time because the isshu was woerking on his laptop. Also, "paani ishu ka father hai". Profound toilet wisdom. She's thrilled she can now take off and put on her tshirt/frock. And I was surprised when she could understand what the train announcements were yesterday on my heavily laden trip to Bedok mall.
- the media, the Islam-phobia, the hate that's spewing from people I knew in real life and never suspected it really brought me down last week. The net is full of genuine looking sites that are twisting Islam to look like some vile ideology and I was feeling very shattered about the whole thing. Then I attend my Quran class and cry and think do people even know that they're missing? May Allah guide us all.

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