Sunday, May 8, 2016

10 months

So,  Nu, you completed 10 months 2 days ago. It's been cool to compare your progress with your sister's, thanks to this blog. You guys seem to be doing pretty much the same things,  i guess you're a teeny bit more quicker at picking up stuff. So here's a summary of what you've been up to:
- you're finally crawling properly
- you love bouncing all the time
- you love your sister and love having a screaming match with her. Not really kind to my ears. Our poor neighbours
- when she's sleeping, you'll go and lie down on top of her and keep smacking her on her head like you  do to everything else
- you're a picky eater in comparison...  You won't eat most fruit and love spicy stuff. That may have something to do with my  diet though
- you love the roomba sooo much,  assaulting it every now and then
- you don't have any words yet though you can wave bye bye,  and understand a few everyday words
- your favourite word right now sounds like bmmmba but who knows what it means
- [updated 9th May] .  Nurah you said "cat" today! You even pointed at the cat stuffed toy and said it! Subhanallah,  it's just amazing how babies learn. You seem to be repeating lots of words though you tend not to repeat them more than once usually. 

Now about the girl who is OBSESSED with her age and growing older, 
- Sarah,  you sometimes say the sweetest things like "did you and daddy miss nurah and me when we were still in the hospital?" -  made me melt
- you keep doing really button-pushing things these days so one day in the bathroom,  i screamed exasperatedly and said,  "why did you do this?!" and without blinking an eye,  you said "my brain is not working"! I really need to watch what I say to you!
- you've always been very social but now I've been to notice how sometimes you get too chatty,  talking to random strangers and telling them details of your life that they're not really interested in :D stuff like "mummy,  can i show the pizza uncle my [latest fascination]?" . You love to introduce nurah to these strangers too. Awww,  baby.
- both of you are loud. Nurah screams and scares away people and you love to sing and teach [your poor parents] lots of songs
- you are obsessed with dressing like a ballerina and princesses

I'm going to stop and post this now. More as it happens in sha Allah (and i have the time)

Saturday, February 27, 2016


So much to write about... where do I begin?

Sarah, you're obsessed with your age and asking me when you'll grow up and when you'll turn 4. Your vocabulary is increasing at a crazy rate so it feels good to see you stumble once in a while... like today when you said karoti for katori and it took me a minute to figure out that one!  You love TV and Damisht stories and can do anything for them. I used to think your goofiness wasn't appreciated by Nu but she's proving that wrong. She loves laughing with you and gets all excited when she sees your van during your drop-off. You love making things with your Magna tiles and seem to have a real artistic flair.

Nu, it's amazing how much you've changed in the past two weeks: you're now pulling up to stand, babbling na-na and mummmm, sounds often heard mostly during your favourite meals of oats. Love grabbing our plates and always want to eat what we're eating.  You're becoming naughty too, always rushing off to grab the steel rod or an open cupboard/fridge. These days the first thing you do after your afternoon nap is to climb on to your sister's bed and bang and pull on her head. You're just so cute and like your daddy says,  even I wish there was always a baby of this age in the house.

My life... For the past few weeks just seems to be an endless cycle of SAHMing.  I finally am getting both kids off to sleep earlier but it hasn't freed me up as much as I'd hoped. Probably because during the same time Nu has started needing more attention and care.  I can't imagine how people with more kids manage. I still feel like I have a long way to go to be the organized mom with an always clean home all the time.  The struggle to be that woman vs. the woman who also manages to work in studying, reading,  writing and general brain work continues. Apparently this sense of loss of self is common and hopefully will decrease with time. I also need to recognize that there are solid reasons behind why I chose this path and be grateful that I could do it. Reading 'The Marshmallow Test' is helping me do this but I wish I had more time to read.

Last week was pretty haywire with all the house-searching etc. May Allah ta'ala help us make the right decision.

Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Update #whatever

I was just telling the husband that in about 4 months, Nu will be one. ONE YEAR OLD in sha Allah. Howwwww(l). As terrible as the last few weeks have been, I can't stand the thought of her babyness going away.  Except for her not sleeping well, I love love love this stage. She is so cute ma  sha Allah.She's occasionally trying to prop herself on all fours but otherwise will scoot around every where. It's funny how she keeps getting stuck at the end of her mattress because she's too scared of falling. I'm being fussy and tending to put her in the walker so she doesn't crawl and get dirty even though the floors are pretty clean. Even though Sarah used to crawl on floors that were much worse, no thanks indian mittid un-roads. She's not very openly affectionate like S was but I'm definitely her favourite person in the world. She's still having major stranger anxiety and will not even tolerate her dad for too long. Sometimes she's in his arms but will only look at me. Weird baby. But so yummy. Ma sha Allah :D

Sarah is busy building many different things with her magnetic tiles. She keeps trying to pick up nurah or will drag her. Scary but kind sister. S must get a story every night and it must be in Chinese (because every language that is not English is Chinese, including Urdu). The story must be about Damisht, her brother Danish and their mom and dad. Damisht being a doll that came with her doll house. Her vocabulary and accent are heavily influenced by TV and school so her English is very mish-mashed yet still pretty good alhamdulillah.

This Chinese New year long weekend we went to the beach park and the zoo. The first was rejuvenating (except for getting caught in a sudden thunderstorm at the end) and the second was pretty exhausting as expected. That's all I can write for now.  Alhamdulillah alaa kulli haal.

Saturday, January 16, 2016

Update #

As I write this,  Nu is lying beside me playing with her toes and blowing bubbles. Yes, very cute but third was supposed to be my downtime! But the way it works is that S must, rather MUSTERESTTEREST make a lot of noise before going to sleep and wake up Nu. Only then can she fall asleep in peace!

Annnyway, we're back from the vacation which was very whirlwind thanks to the wedding. Barely got to sit and chat with the parents or go out with M. I was either shopping or busy with the kids. The wedding was thankfully made less of a hassle because the venues were within the hotel or close by. I'd thought s would be the life of the party but she fell sick  (and also had a nasty fall the night before) and was whiny throughout except for when M bhaiya was around.

Nu has thankfully become much more social after the visit. I wish we (continuing this after a WEEK)

were living closer to our families but I will admit that the pollution in Hyderabad is really worrying me and I'm grateful for the clean air here (except when the haze is on, obviously). There are no parks nearby and no opportunities for physical activity and that is something I find almost indispensable now.

Anyway I have time only for a few lines here so here are some bulleted updates:

- Nu at 6.5 months is now doing some army crawling but isn't perfect yet
- she loves her walker and I'm so grateful for it. Gives both of us freedom
- she now extends her arms when I say aao and is also doing it at other times (extending and twisting wrist)
- M is working later and on weekends these past few days so we haven't done much. I am really,  really,  really looking forward to some time off
- Sarah and her non-stop talking and stories are continuing.  She demands stories at all times of the day and night but usually gets a quick meta story in the afternoon and one in the night. She's picked up this really annoying whining Daniel Tiger - style which gets on my nerves so I'm teaching her how to not whine. She's also really funny and smart ma sha Allah... sometimes saying very adult like things. These aren't one of those but apparently the flight attendant says, "passenger your seat belt" :D and she couldn't ishu earlier that time because the isshu was woerking on his laptop. Also, "paani ishu ka father hai". Profound toilet wisdom. She's thrilled she can now take off and put on her tshirt/frock. And I was surprised when she could understand what the train announcements were yesterday on my heavily laden trip to Bedok mall.
- the media, the Islam-phobia, the hate that's spewing from people I knew in real life and never suspected it really brought me down last week. The net is full of genuine looking sites that are twisting Islam to look like some vile ideology and I was feeling very shattered about the whole thing. Then I attend my Quran class and cry and think do people even know that they're missing? May Allah guide us all.