Thursday, November 12, 2015

Update #3

- On Friday, we went to Islamic Restaurant  (yes, again. Might even go this weekend too). Walked a great deal because we went to Bugis Junction mall later  (amazing chocolate almond icecream at Baskin31Robbins;)).
- was too tired to go out on Saturday. Husband cooked a full Chindian meal. We almost never go out on Sundays, but made an exception this time and went to Vivocity. Ugh, hours of walking + baby wearing on a few hours of sleep = massive tears-inducing headache. No more big trips on Sundays.
- Tuesday was a Happy Diwali holiday and we went to the mall just because.
- Nurah's new first and one I've been waiting for: eating feet. Soooooooooooo cute.
- Inter-sister play is picking up. Just so ♡
- my first Upwork job and my contract was put on hold because the client's account was suspended. He was responsive on email though so I hope it gets resolved soon and that I get paid. Tiny job so the money isn't an issue thankfully

That's all for now

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