Sunday, November 15, 2015

Reflecting - 4

Too troubled by the violence all over the world to think clearly. I feel so helpless and think at the same time: Surely claiming helplessness can't be a solution.   Surely, there must be something we can do besides making dua. I keep thinking that if every terrorist claiming to follow Islam,  actually understood the Qur'an, they would never attempt such a thing knowing they would have to answer to Allah ta'ala one day. These people though are beyond my reach but my family is within my reach... and I must do what I can so we learn the real message of Islam.

And beyond that I think that when Allah ta'ala asks me... what did you do to help? What did you do that reflected the real religion of Islam... Then what am I going to say? I mean how many times are we going to *say* this is not Islam? We need to stop talking and start doing. Surely, our littlest efforts are being watched by Allah ta'ala. My goal for this week is to contact the orphanage that Sister Ayesha told me about and find out what I can do to help. One tiny bit at a time in sha Allah.

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