Monday, October 26, 2015


Nurah honey,

You're 4 months old today. You love rolling over onto your tummy and exploring the world around you by lifting your head up and looking around. You follow your sister with your eyes as she jumps around and even laugh or smile when she's "teaching" you her rhymes.

She adores you and is most of the time a very caring big sister. She even kisses your soles!  She gets upset when you cry frantically  or if you cry because you can't turn on to your back. You still haven't got used to your daddy yet and he's always wondering why you cry when he picks you up. And me... you luuurve me. :D your biggest smiles are reserved for me and I even get some right after I feed you. You still look very boyish, especially with those spiky hair... but sometimes I think you're the prettiest baby in the world :) I luuuuuurve you Noorie (like Sarah would say).

Quick update:
- I took on and completed an Elance job but haven't been paid yet x(
- we ate at nana thai last weekend and bali thai this week!
- ordered Hyderabadi Food
- I decided to do things differently; ) let's hope that works out
-  Sarah and her love of short clothes..

Me: Sarah. Pant pehno!
S: but mumma meku mere dolls ke jaisa sirf frock pehenna hai
Me: besharam hai woh dolls (make her wear her pants)
S: meku bhi besharam banna hai
Me: yeh ghar mein besharam log nai rehte. Bahar chale jao
S:  nikalke chale jatyun (or something to that effect, was still inwardly laughing at her wanting to be besharam :/)

That's all for now!


Daniyah said...

Lol ! Meku besharam banna hai ��

Argentyne said...

hau :|