Tuesday, October 27, 2015


I was listening to Ustadh NAK talk about Allah ta'ala being Al Rahman... and the word stemming from the root raham meaning womb. That in the womb we're taken care of completely and that's how Allah is taking care of us in this world too.

In Surah Fateha, we learn that Allah ta'ala is Rabbul Alameen - Rabb of the people of the world. Then I recalled hearing that Rabb is also used for parents or those who nurture... and I thought then, that the feeling I'm supposed to have for Allah ta'ala is a magnified feeling of the love I feel towards my mother (and father). After all, my parents brought me into this world, then provided and cared for me, but Allah ta'ala created EVERYTHING, including our parents. So, I'm trying to keep that in mind while I pray, to pray with a feeling of love towards Allah ta'ala in sha Allah.

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