Thursday, August 13, 2015


I turned 30 yesterday.  I've been thinking of myself as 30 years old for a long time now so it doesn't really shock me. Does make me introspective though.

Alhamdulillah, as I sit here rocking Nu who's finding it difficult to go to sleep... I feel quite happy and content with the family aspect of my life, alhamdulillah. Happy to have spent this time with m&d and looking forward to resuming normal life in a few weeks.

I do need to start doing more with my time though. Professionally, deen-ily, giving back: I need to slowly but steadily increase my role in these things. I also need to own my current roles: do more and with more ihsan no matter what I do.

And I need to remind myself of two things:
1) stop seeking validation from people. Allah ta'ala is watching and knows what I'm doing.  And He won't waste the ajr of a Muhsin.
2) Whatever I want from the people around me must be sought from Allah ta'ala first because everyone's hearts are in His control.

And now for yesterday:
My request to go to inorbit mall was heartily approved and off we went, though a little late. Got stuck in traffic and really rued leaving late and having baba drive so far. Did some shopping at Lifestyle, then barged into Mothercare because Nu was hungry. Teeny tiny pants were bought. We had lunch at Chutney's and then shopped for a bit at Max. Gorv really cute dresses and a see - through pouch set at decent prices. Luuurve the pouch. I guess I'm just thinking after all the poring over jujube stuff that it'll make me super organized. Now if only doing so was as much fun as shopping :D

Came back exhausted but couldn't catch a break. Cut the cake in the evening (delicious!) and saw M's gift and it instantly made my day.

Sarah to me yesterday: "Mumma jab aap chote the aap kitchen ku kitchu bolte the nai?" (Totally made up!)

Also her singing happy birthday mumma was the sweetest heart - melting moment of my day yesterday. I think birthdays should be about our moms, not us. Kissed mummy too!

Time to end now.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015


Just wanted to say that I miss blogging.

Also bullet point updates only from last week:
- Bint khalid ch got married, rather vidaied. Sarah big hit ma sha Allah
- loads of paperwork to do! Nu's passport appointment tomorrow
- baby Reya is here :)
- kids driving me nuts at night. Understatement. Not really looking forward to single parenting that ll ensue soon enough (IA nevertheless!)
- Nu sleeping a few 5 hour stretches here and there alhamdulillah

Gotta dump the baby on the bed and attempt sleeping once again.