Wednesday, December 18, 2013

18 things about a 17 month old

Sarah baby,

I'm sorry I've missed so many months and itty-bitty milestones over here. I don't want to get into excuses because you might wake up any time now... so here goes:

1. you're now toddling away, it was very penguin-like just a few days ago but it's getting better
2. You're picking up new words everyday. some of the words you mispronounce are just so  cute: bibbit (rabbit), beeps (grapes), mee mee (dinosaur (!!!)), phips (chips), laice (rice), pheesh (fish), phoos (phone), daddis (daddy)
3. You love to say 'anda' and nowadays your way of asking for breakfast has become: "Mamma!" "Anda?" "Sheesh? (cheese)", all done very quickly accompanied by vigorous nodding of the head. You also use these words to try to get out of naps, so I'll take you to the kitchen and you can start playing (See? I'm on to you!)
4. Like any other kid from your generation, you love screens and I'm trying to keep you away from them. But you still point to the ipad and go 'Bow bow? Bow bow?" over and over again. 
5. You can recognize most shapes and put the shape blocks in their correct places (yes, very nerdy achievement)
6. You recognize numbers too but not individually. Every number is called 'choo' (two)
7. You love reading books and recognize so many things. You LOVE the yellow rubber ducky and you even held the picture of one such ducky to your cheek and hugged it!
8. We took you to the zoo but couldn't spend enough time there :( Hopefully another time. Waiting to go to the bird park, think you'll go crazy with excitement 
9. You like to brush your teeth or rather chew on it. And you call it "chooshush"
10. You recognize the doctor and the salon lady
11. You love donuts and chips just like your mom. I wish I loved vegetables more :|
12. You love playing with older kids and will spontaneously hug them. Is there some way I could get you an older sibling? Maybe ask Blister to send Ammaarah over :D
13. Your favourite rhyme is 'Twinkle Twinkle Little Star', and your favourite books are  'Tim's Birthday' and 'Miss Polly Had A Dolly'
14. You MUST chat with your nanu and baba everyday. And you get very excited when you see them and seem to want to go through the screen and into their arms. Makes me sad-happy
15. You love sitting in your high chair and reading. I think it gives you a good view of what your parents are up to and makes you feel more included
16. You love seeing cats and dogs when we go downstairs and are pretty good with saying hi to people too
17. You sleep between 11 and 12 at night and wake up around 10. If I get into bed with you at 10, you sleep longer. But then your naps get cut short. You're waking up about two times per night but  I"m more or less used to it now
18. Your first words in the morning are still either "Yeh kya hai?" pointing to things around the room or jabbing your finger in my eyes or yours and saying "Aaiss"

Okay, I've miraculously managed to type more than half of this post with you in my lap, alhamdulillah! And alhamdulilllah for you and your cuteness, my admiration for the human capacity to learn and the natural wonders around us has grown so much because of you. Glory be to Him who created us and everything around us.

I love you my little monster (you pull my hair and threaten to bite me :( )