Monday, October 7, 2013

First impressions

- it's like being in Manhattan, only greener.
- I thought the weather would be horrible, it's not. There are shady lanes and a decent breeze blowing 
- Coffee shops are occupied by 10th class type kids drinking coffees while studying! Of course some of them are more busy on their gigantic cellphones
- Everything is so organized. RB said yesterday that he thought even the fish were traveling in straight lines 
- Everyone is so stylish and SO slim. I feel like a fat hag
- The Indian area was disgustingly crowded. Kept veering away from people keeping in mind earlier experiences back home. Thankfully, it was all safe.
- I wish everything wasn't so expensive though. 
- I wish I wasn't a foreigner here, but a local. Why can't India be so nice that you feel proud to be a local :(
- A lady at the supermarket seemed very disappointed that I was Indian and not Saudi as she had thought earlier
- The Indian-looking attendant at the hotel lobby only today realized that I was Indian when I asked him about a nearby Muslim restaurant. And he kept saying, 'You're Indian Muslim? You want to go to Indian Muslim restaurant?' 
- I want to explore this place a lot more, but there's Sarah and there's fasting. 
- We should be checking out some apartments today.
- Nothing like a new place to get the blogging juices flowing again :)

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