Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Three new posts on the 'Like A Garment' series

Since my last post on the LAG series, I've added three more posts:

Some people on Muslim Matters seem to have indirectly criticised for presenting everything from a very masculine point of view. So far, I don't think I have any issues with what he's said. In any case, here's the female perspective: 

Monday, May 20, 2013


Sarah, you've reached double digits in months, alhamdulillah! Your (month) birthday was particularly poignant because one dear little boy from the July 2012 birth club on BabyCenter passed away from a rare genetic disease called SMA, a few days after he turned 10 months old. With all the religious knowledge I have, I don't think I would have been half as strong as his mom who not only shared his story with us but reminded us through their suffering to hold our babies and loved ones a little more tighter everyday. Alhamdulillah, inna lillahi wa inna ilayhi raji'un.

This month was anything but uneventful, Sarah. When we went to get your measles vaccination, we were told that your immunity would be low for a month... as it turned out, just a couple of weeks after your vaccination, you came down with a high fever and  suddenly one morning, I found you jerking your head in a strange way that made me cry out for Baba in fear. My first instinct was right, you were having a mild seizure. We rushed to the hospital where you had another short one and the doctor told us that it was a 'febrile seizure' (fever-related). We've been told that the next time you have a fever, we have to be very careful to give you paracetamol and another anti-seizure medicine on time. We'll have to be watching out for this until you're six. I pray that you'll never have one again, it was just too terrifying to watch even if it is supposedly harmless.

You're doing so many funny things, Sarah, and there's been some great progress on the sleep front. Here is all that I can remember right now:
- There have been a few nights where you woke up only once or twice. Somebody pinch me.
- After some coercing by both of your grandmoms, I started you on a bottle of whole milk. Predictably, you're not in love with nursing anymore. Even though I knew you needed it, it still feels like rejection. However, things have been looking up slightly since yesterday, so I'm hoping hard that we can reach the 1 year mark. 
- You laugh when you sneeze! It's so cute :)
- You have an awesome time playing with Ammaarah. If both of you are playing and she gets busy with something, you'll go and nudge her in your own way and then there's chaos again. It's so beautiful, masha'allah. I was just thinking today that this is probably the longest time that you guys will spend together, I'm sure Ammaarah will remember everything you did and tell you when you grow up. I wish you could remember too. 
- You love grabbing and eating our hair :| Poor Ammaarah faces the brunt of this because her hair is more reachable. Of course she enjoys any interaction with you, so most of the time she's offering her head to you, or we're playing 'Sarah, didi ke sir pe tak tak karo!'
- You're showing the first signs of naughtiness. You'll start scurrying away if you see me coming after you for picking up someone's chappals. You turn back and check to see if I'm really coming. If I'm not, you promptly settle down to chew them again (EWW!) If you see me coming after you, you become miss smartypants and drop the one you had and move on to the farther one!
- You're just beginning to grasp '____ kahan hai?' Not quite there yet, no.
- If someone's reciting the Qur'an or even aa chuchchu, you'll go on blabbering as if you're joining in
- You LOVE all kinds of kebabs and gosht, chicken, mutton... doesn't matter if the masala is driving you crazy, you want MORE!
- You stood independently for a few seconds for the first time a few days ago. And only because you were so busy trying to stuff a piece of Hide & Seek in your mouth that you let go of both your hands! Your legs wobbled for a few seconds and then you finally plopped down!
- We spent a few days at your paternal grandparents', oh, how you love the tricycle they got you!
- You spend most of your time messing up the house. You pull out everything that's within your reach and throw it down. As if your Nanu wasn't pulling out her hair about the mess already! You understand when I say girgaya and I *think* you sort of say it too
- When I have to cook, I put you in your high chair and give you some of your didi's cereal that you nimbly put in your mouth. What progress, masha'allah!
- Just like your didi, you're CRAZY about mangoes. You justcannotwait till Nanu finishes cutting them up, no, you'll repeatedly grab the peel and try stuffing it in your mouth nonstop. 
- I'm finding potty training very intimidating. Why can't you figure it out on your own? :s
- You start crying when you see Nanu put on her scarf and smile when you see me put on mine because you know you're going out too :)
- You're beginning to show some interest in TV now. When you see people's faces in the newspaper, you try to pick at them as if they're stickers!
- You smiled at your daddy on Skype and even did the head-dipping-taa
- You take two long naps and sometimes a third shorter one. Alhamdulillah
- You now take a bath while sitting in your didi's plastic chair! Alhamdulillah
- We play lots of games and there's lots of giggling :) I run around with you, or hang you upside down onto a cushion, or tickle you.... I think it's the most beautiful sound in the world :)

I love you, SarahBB. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmwah!

PS: You not only have a friend coming soon, but another cousin too, insha'allah!