Friday, February 22, 2013


Sarah, the last few weeks have been crazy... So your 7th month post is almost two weeks late. It's amazing and humbling to see how fast you're growing, how your internal programming makes you pick up new things on your own, how you persevere on and on and on until you can master that skill that is on your mind every minute of the day. The skill you're currently working on is sitting to crawl, crawling and crawling to sitting. You've nearly mastered the last one and oh aren't you proud when after multiple iterations of folding your legs under you from different angles you can finally sit upright without being afraid that you'll fall. Which reminds me, you fell off the bed twice in a week a few days ago and made me feel so guilty. But you see, if you let me sleep better, I wouldn't have nodded off while you were burning off that excess energy instead of sleeping. Alhamdulilah nothing happened except for making you a little fearful of falling.

Quickly recounting all that happened since my last post:
- you began to rock on your fours
- your khala came down for a very eventful week
- I left you at home with your nana and nani and went to the exhibition. I was away from you for FOUR+ hours. You enjoyed yourself, I spent half the time racked with anxiety. But "we had lots of fun". Especially the question game that your khala made us play.
- your didi had to be hospitalized for what turned out to be a severe asthmatic attack. Just a few days after she got back, she's now in hospital again with a severe throat infection. May Allah return her to complete good health soon, insha'allah.
- you squeal, make pich noises, occasionally growl and you laugh. What a beautiful laugh mashallah!
- you love me! Yayy, I can see it now, alhamdulillah! You love leaning your head against me and I know what comfort that provides because that's what I feel like doing when I miss mummy or someone close.
- oh how could I forget this: you outgrew your love for the bouncer! Without ANY sleep training whatsoever. Now you will only sleep on the bed, big girl :)
- we shaved your head, now you have itch bitsy sharp-feeling hair
- you can grip most things very well, including heavy things like your water bottle
- you've started flinging your arms up and down to show you're happy
- you sometimes respond to your name
- you often want to be held all the time and are clingy
- you love all kinds of food and watching us eat makes you hungry. You always want what we're eating.
- as of today you're up to three meals a day masha'allah
- you want to crawl so badly I have to wrestle you to sleep
- you wake up crying and howling in the middle of the night, most probably because you're teething. You sprouted your first tooth on the 16th!
- you apparently háve my eyes - yayy!
- you're beginning to tease me, you laugh when I tease you or playfuly hit you with a "hut"!
- you have a friend coming soon :D

Love you stara, more than words can ever say. What a beautiful blessing you are, alhamdulillah!


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