Monday, January 21, 2013

6 months!

And a day, alhamdulillah. Sarah, we were anticipating this day for so long and it turned out to be so different from what we planned! We wanted to make a big thing of your first eating solids moment and your being half a year old but when yesterday came, we were too busy to even acknowledge the day.

I packed and packed and you lolled about either squealing or sucking your thumb, depending on your mood. Yes, you finally learned how to roll from back to tummy in the middle of the night, a few Fridays ago, almost as if some switch went on in your head. Now you scoot but with your forehead to the floor, then you finally give up and roll onto your back. You just love doing those down dogs. Your progress is slow also because you just can't let go of putting your thumb in your mouth. Yeah, you've found a great way to replace that pacifier habit. Now I'm anticipating a lot of "advice"about this new love of yours...

Baby, you've become such a personality! The other day you began crying when you thought I wasn't going to take you outside (for your daily swinging in the park) only because I turned away from the main door to get my phone!

(resuming post 1 week later)
Your latest favourite noise is to puff air from your mouth with an "abff" sound. You still make low, singsong sounds when you're falling asleep. Your sleep is getting better (except for the last two days where you were up a million times) and you're okay with sleeping in the crib as long as you're not wide awake when I put you in it. Your cousin Nunu apparently goes to sleep as soon as her mommy puts her in the crib and is out with three pats on the back. When your abd heard about that, he patted you three times and said 'Sogaye?' and we laughed and laughed and laughed a little more. It's not that funny when I've fed you and rocked you and you still won't go to sleep. Luckily, doesn't happen all that much.

People are saying that there is now the tiniest bit of resemblance with me and that does make me happy because usually whenever I hold you up to the mirror in my arms, I feel like I'm holding up someone else's baby.

The past week was more fun than I've had in a long time. On Sunday, we gave you rice cereal for the first time, bought your grandparents an ipad, did some toy shopping, had awesome chaat at Madhapur and you finally met M of Mimmu and Osh and Daba papa. You still don't mind being held by new people and will happily move laps without a fuss. The next day after much coaxing by your dad, I left you alone with your dada-dadi and we went out to get an ipad case. I finally bought a portable wireless speaker, something I had been coveting for a long time. It was a fun trip. It was really sad to send off your daddy, I hope we can join him soon insha'allah.

It's a relief to have help with you and even though you're not sleeping well, I'm handling things much better. It's also partly because I'm now trying to accept these things and not go crazy obsessing over them.

Here Baba takes you out for random walks, Ammaarah plays nonsensical games with you and your Nanu babysits when I've had a terrible night. I'm also so grateful for mommy-cooked food, alhamdulillah!

Today, you alternately grabbed the rice cereal spoon and sucked your thumb in between mouthfuls... It was so funny.

I love you Shayu, bum chicca (Ammaarah), pitoli mumma (Baba), choochoo (almost everybody)