Saturday, November 10, 2012

Dear Sarah,

Sarah, Sarah, Sarah! Hold on for a bit... Why're you growing up so fast?!
Masha'allah, in the past few days you learned how to/have been:
- give your toes a tour of your mouth
- stuffing two or three fingers in you mouth and then making choking noises
- becoming hyperactive just before bedtime and doing things like hanging on to my arm with both your arms and trying to lick it
- making your pigeon-like guttural noises more loudly and at a faster pace
- doing your first mini-pushup and within just a day of learning how to do that...
- rolling from your tummy to your back! Alhamdulillah, I've been watching you struggle to roll over and back... And I had never realized that this was a skill that takes so much effort and persistence to learn. I was waiting to see how you would figure it out and now I see how the mini pushup helped
- I think you recognize me now, I mean visibly. Yesterday, you started pumping your hands and legs and smiled at me when I walked into the room
- Your dad says you've also learned to take the pacifier out of your mouth and sit in a contemplative mood with your pacifier in your hand. I wonder what you think about...
- these days you can amuse yourself on your own for longer periods of time by simply sucking on your fingers, or rolling around by putting your legs in the air and then bringing them back down somewhere else
- shrieking and laughing with high pitched squeaks!

Love you Sarahbb,

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