Friday, October 12, 2012

The fourth trimester ends!

Dear Sarah,

A quick recap of all that happened last month (you're really not giving me any time to do more)

1. We moved back to Mad Rascal Cutta (ok well, the first part). So you went on your first plane ride and of course your first visit at the airport (thank you GMR for the many childcare rooms you provided at the airport, we used two!). People tried to calm you down when you were wailing and once when you were quiet there were a few people cooing at you, trying to make you smile and as I walked away  I heard one of them say "Kitna pyara hai na". I giggled and thought: story of your life, Sarah! 

2. Let's talk about sleeping: I swaddle you after you're rocked to sleep in the bouncer and then you usually wake up once or twice in the night which alhamdulillah is finally giving me some kind of a restful sleep. I do wish you would nap for longer though! The last two days you've been fighting sleep like crazy which I really hope is some growth spurt type phase

3. After coming here you've been to ascendas and a number of baby shops to buy a stroller for you but we had the worst luck and ended up buying one at Just Born which turned out to be defective and they made us come back twice and we finally managed to exchange it for a high chair (and you haven't even started solid foods!). Please dear readers, never ever must you ever buy anything from Just Born. Even the clothes are of the cheap kind and priced two-three times what they would cost at a normal store. While trying to exchange our stroller, the store assistant found two more defective strollers and two defective high chairs! We also went to have gourmet ice-cream with your N auntie who really is great with babies. You quietly took a nap in her arms while we ate!

4. One super purchase was that of an Avent pacifier. You really seem to like this one much better than the round one you had. I guess that was really uncomfortable. Now trips outside are less stressful. Some other things that are making our life easy are the nursing cover that your Nanu stitched, the bouncer that you're addicted to, the feeding pillow from Mom & Me (I so crazy about this shoppe!), the awesome baby bather from Mee Mee from J auntie and the iPad for giving me something to do when I have to sit with you endlessly. I finally bought the ergo carrier from mom and me but this one's going to take some getting used to. Fashioned a Moby wrap from a saree of Nanima's too, it's great but takes some time getting you in and out of it.

5. You're desperately trying to sit up now, so much so that sitting in the bouncer was irritating you today. You can sit leaning against a support for a couple of minutes. When we seat you upright you love to lean forward and stare at the things in front of you. You also love looking around now, craning your neck in all directions. 

When your abbudaddybaba comes back from work you give him a shy, wide smile, it seems like a special smile reserved for him. I do love your pout when you're about to cry too, it makes me laugh when I'm getting frustrated by your crying. Sometimes the pout will alternate with a smile when you can't make up your mind. 

Rajeshwari and Nirmala both exclaimed how much you look like your dad with Rajeshwari repeating over and over again "Haall like baiiyya! Haall like baiyya!"

Until a week ago you were making many attempts to talk with lots of aghoos and the like, but somehow you seem to have stopped. I'm wondering if it's because the back to back stroller outings disrupted your schedule...

6. One quick story about your didi. Your nanu was sitting with her, going over her answer sheet (because Ammaarah said, "Khali B, B, B, boliye. Jo papers mein A aaya, woh toh dekhe bi nai!") and your didi's question marks in her English answer sheet were all facing right instead of left, so Nanu pointed out the teacher's corrections and said, "Yeh sab red marks nai rehna paper mein" to which your didi swiftly replied pointing at the tick marks, "Toh phir yeh, yeh yeh red marks kya hai? Yeh bhi nai rehna?!" Your didi is just too much! :) 

That's all for now! Let me grab something to eat while you take a nap (finally!)

(all errors are thanks to trying to type super fast while you're asleep. Also spent some time typing and cooing at you alternately so I could get this done. I'm sure you'll understand when you have your own babies. Mhee hee hee)

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