Friday, October 26, 2012

Notes to myself

Troubled that Islam-hating is becoming more and more popular in India. Part of it is propaganda and politics, but I think the fault is mainly ours, of Indian Muslims. We take to violence in an instant, we're so easily swayed by propaganda from our own power-hungry mullahs and politicians and mostly we're just ignorant... Ignorant of what society requires from us, ignorant of what the law requires from us and most importantly, ignorant of what Islam requires from us. If we were better Muslims and we feared that on the day of Judgement we would have to account for everything we do, every second... We would automatically be better citizens, better neighbours, better students, better human beings. While I'm the short term, my focus is on improving my relationship with Islam and my family, I hope insha'allah that I can contribute to society in a way that will showcase the true Islamic spirit. Help me, Alah ta'ala please help me figure out the how's and let Muslims all over the country realize that it's high time that we become worthy of being called Muslims.

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