Thursday, October 18, 2012

Notes to myself

Some quick notes:

- Sarah's learned an amazing number of things in the last few days: more stable sitting, standing with support, trying to grab things and the sweetest thing: trying to laugh :)
- there are going to be some upheavals in the near future
- Pizza Corner's thin crust pizza is amazing
- I finally found the perfect to do list and widget combination: Astrid plus the Simple Calendar widget
- i'm addicted to two wonderful Muslim blogs: "After hardship there is ease" and They're so inspiring
- making big things into smaller pieces so they're easy to accomplish
- finally completed Farhat Hashmi's Time management lecture, notes to follow insha'allah
- quit my job officially yesterday. Felt a little sad looking at people in the lift laughing and chatting. I miss the social part of work. Wrote a somewhat senti farewell email. My manager continues to disappoint me.
- also realized that not getting a salary every month makes me uncomfortable in spite of there being no need to feel that way. I want to get back into freelancing but first I need to give deen the priority I never gave it so far. Plus, I feel guilty when i'm not paying Sarah enough attention. Insha'allah, being better organized will help.
-  was told yesterday that I haven't changed a bit. Well, the abayah helps, but yes, managed to squeeze into my old trousers yesterday. I still need to lose a lot of weight though
- apparetny first people wondered how I would manage married life/domestic responsibilities then thought I was doing well. then they wondered how I would manage motherhood and I'm apparently doing well at that too. Why do people have such little confidence in me? :/
- what Immu said, "bad ho, badnaam na ho"
- time to snooze for a bit. Often think I should change my blog name to that of a very popular blog because it is exactly how I feel: "Tired. Need sleep"
- okay bye

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