Sunday, October 28, 2012

Fwd: Today

What a physically and mentally draining day today has been and Sarah has little to do with it. Alhamdulillah alaa kulli haal.

Some quick updates:
- Sarah will put her hands in mine when I extend them and say "Aao"
- She smiles at new people whenever she meets them. Today she sat in some stranger aunty's lap at the masjid while I prayed
- first attempt at eating out at a proper restaurant - FAIL! Unless you count stuffing in Chinese food while the significant other walks around with her a success. Again, as soon as we got home she was SO HAPPY!
- Likes di-di-di-ditcha. Laughed a few times today.
- Saw Nunu's crawling video today. SO CUTE! And her mom is SO MEAN!
- Cooked today.. Nothing to call home about. In fact, if I tell Mummy  sll the things that went wrong, she'll probably give me her standard dialogue: "Isiliye bolte kitchen mein khade rehke dekhna" :/
- The PAX could meet up but they probably won't be able to
- we sold our first bed
- it's not Eid when you're away from home or not at the masjid. Well, at least it doesn't feel like one
- Apa keeps making fun of the Eid Mubarak Sarah video I sent x(
- I miss home. I miss Kamalapuri. I do not want to attend this fancy-shmancy wedding
- I have a gomda on my head
- the last few days were tough with Sarah being extremely fussy.
- I missed doing some items in my to-do list and now I feel loserly. The blah cooking today isn't helping
- i miss my family. Yes, that much. Guess it's because of ^.
- Actually, all I can hear in my head is a repetitive strain of "intiki pota". I should probably end this post now before it gets too repetitive.
- Goodbhai

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