Friday, September 14, 2012

Two months (and two days)

Dear Sarah, 

You turned two months old two days ago. Yesterday mummy asked me to bring the awesome playmat that your Immu aunty got for you from upstairs. And I remembered how when Mami brought it over when you were a few days old and said to put it away for now and use it when you were two months old, I was thinking two months...will that ever come? And now I look at photos of you from then and go, wow! Was she that little?!

You've really pakaded some aang as Munawwar bi would say, masha'allah and sometimes when you're asleep in the bouncer all rounded up, your grandparents joke that the seth is asleep. Speaking of seths, so many people mistake you for a boy, it's not funny! We need more headbands! :)

This was a great month because you began smiling and what I can call hunh-ing. You even hunhed in time to my singing the alif ba ta song! You can now maintain eye contact for more than a few seconds and will even hold long smiling conversations peppered with hunhs and other sudden utterances. A couple of weeks were quite difficult, probably because of a growth spurt where you were extremely fussy when going to bed, but the last week has been much more peaceful.

It's also been a great month because alhamdulillah, alhamdulillah, alhamdulillah... You only wake me up twice a night on most nights! This is huge considering how you would wake up every couple of hours or sooner last month. Of course now you only take short naps in the daytime which means getting anything done requires either waiting for you to fall asleep or handing you over to someone else in the house. It should become easier from now on considering I ordered a baby carrier... Can't wait for it to get here! I hope you won't drown out my excitement by refusing to sit in it!

You've beenoutside in the big bad world a few more times this month... Quite a few visits to the hospital because you caught a bad cold and yeast diaper rash and for vaccinations. Hospital visits aren't an issue because the hospital has a decent changing/feeding room (i really love that hospital... Hats off to the management for maintaining such high standards in chalta hai India!) But other visits to new ghar and visits to the passport office weren't really easy. Thanks to advice from baby center, I did have a pacifier ready and the whole rigmarole would have been a bigger nightmare without it. (What would i do without babycenter!)  We even managed an outing to Ohri's for ice-cream... I ate out after months! I  do hope that this will get easier too when the baby carrier comes in!

You're getting better at swatting at stuff and last night when I laid you in front of me on the pillow, face to face, you kept pulling at my lips with your fingers! You have a stronger grip now and will hold our fingers and occasionally one of your rattles. You also follow people when they walk across the room until they cross your line of sight. You can also figure out in seconds that the person who was with you just now has moved away and will begin bawling. Another thing that I hope the carrier will resolve (talk about great expectations!).

Just like Julia's Life in Transition (too lazy to add the URL), my favorite baby blog at the moment, here are a few of your nicknames:
Sarah mamma (mostly ammaarah), Saroo, Sarah papa, Shona (me), chinni patang (nanu), tattumunnu pattumunnu (baba), chotu, bubbu (your dad), choochoo (also your dad), tinkii (assorted nirale aunties)

Phew. Now back to getting all the chores done while you sleep. I love you Shona and please keep smiling... It's such a happy, gummy smile masha'allah! 


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