Sunday, June 10, 2012


Just wanted to stop by for a quick (and non-proofread) update:
-- Yes, to those who're familiar with the terminology, I'm currently 34w3d, approximately 40 days to go before we add a tiny new person to our family, insha'allah! :)
-- The journey so far was quite eventful in the beginning: spotting at 6w, then again at 10w which was diagnosed as a minor subchorionic hematoma and resulted in the first hospital admission of my life (wouldn't wish an admission even on the worst of enemies and this is despite all the comforts that were available). At our nuchal scan at 12w, the doctors said there was no sign of the hematoma but there were "irregularities in the fetal heartbeat" due to tricuspid regurgitation (yeah, lots of scary words) and that it could be a structural defect or a chromosomal abnormality and we should wait for the Down's syndrome results... we were simply dumbstruck at these diagnoses. They also added that it could go away on its own but let's see. The Down's syndrome screening was negative alhamdulillah and at 17w we found out through a fetal echo that the little one's heart was normal, alhamdulillah. At that point, we were all wondering why doctors like to scare their patients with such information when the only option is to wait and watch. Surely, they could have kept this information private and check during the anomaly scan when such things are normally discovered?! It was a terrible experience but alhamdulillah, things have been fine since then. I was put on bedrest (which I turned into chair-rest) so I've barely worked for more than a month in 2012! I did pick up some freelancing which was both liberating, validating and occasionally quite boring -- just like any other job, I suppose.
-- Like the traditional Indian girl, I've come home to the "maika" and life is completely different from the sloth that I've been at home. Well, I'm a sloth here too but far less. Ammaarah does take up some of my time and now I'm trying to finish a Farhat Hashmi taleem-ul-quran goal that I set recently since I've been feeling like quite the wastrel. 
-- Speaking of Ammaarah, five year olds should also have an adjective like the 'terrible twos'. It's difficult to describe her now, she's quite a personality and can easily try everybody's patience when she wants to. She loves the mirror and herself, is an expert at tying the scarf quite like her mom, has an amazing capacity for observation and is exceedingly curious (poor Immu was the one of the latest victims of her curiosity). She's a big help around the house though and is devoted to her N-A-N-U (which is how she cries for her grandmother if she wakes up and finds that Nanu's gone out). I'm more a rival to her than an aunt. Everything she does has to be compared to me, including announcing when I wake up in the morning that she already ate her breakfast and brushed her teeth or like today, comparing the number of mangoes (amazing shakkar gutli) that we've eaten and of course I'm not to exceed the number of mangoes she's eaten. She also feels really happy when Mummy scolds me, so it really is like we're siblings than aunt and niece. In spite of all this, the minute she steps out of the house, her absence is immediately felt and and the house seems normal only when she's back in the house. She's still clueless about the new arrival, in spite of my appearance which has also been subjected to her munh-phat comments ("aap toh mote aunty dikhrein!"). Today she was doing her usual play-acting with a lot of voice modulation (she might as well have been playing different roles in a play) and Mummy and I exchanged glances at its hilarity when suddenly Mummy choked on her chai and it took her a few minutes to get back to normal. Even now, the little lady is talking to an imaginary chacha in the background about herself and "Subbu", who is apparently an old and regular imaginary friend :D. Poor kid, she craves the company of kids her age and I keep wondering how her budda-ness would have been affected if she had a close sibling.
-- M is all alone at home in Chennai, poor thing. Insha'allah, he can come down soon again, it's quite fun to see Ammaarah and M uncle, he probably connects a hundred times better with her than I do. I love watching Baba and Ammaarah play too, both M and Baba can easily switch to kids' levels while I remain like Mummy, more irritated about things like her not following instructions or messing up the place, etc.
-- It is almost time for the Maghrib prayer, so it's time to end this update right here. More to follow soon insha'allah. 
-- Also, to (some of) those whom I know personally and and have given you the url of this blog, I just wanted to remind you that simply reading my updates is NOT a substitute to keeping in touch. The latter is a two-way process, so if our relationship is important to you, stop being lazy and give a damn. Thanks.

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