Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Le sigh

It feels like my brain's been scooped out, scrubbed and hung to dry. My eyes hurt. I wanted to finish this document today but couldn't. I am done with most of the content but it still needs to be organized, polished and decorated. Sniff.

We went to Nootiaz and Little Italy over the weekend and got to spend a few minutes at a petrol pump Odyssey. Nothing much to say about the food. I indulged in some soolly shopping and then we went back home. Yesterday, the M came home early and we went out but it was a very dull outing. I did get to have nachos though. Yum-mee!

Ammaarah turned 5 last week, masha'allah. She's currently preoccupied with her cousins who're visiting from Emrica so nobody at home gets any bhaav. 

I have an upset stomach and the mental fatigue isn't helping, so sawyu. 

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