Thursday, March 22, 2012


I finally finished the stupid document today. I worked so hard on it! If I'd put in as much effort at my regular work stuff or MBA assignments, I'd have got an A+! Funny how my work equations are changing. 

My "key" (I use key everywhere till it makes me sick) motivating factor was a bar of Bounty in the freezer. I bought it more than a week ago and promised myself that I would only eat it if I finished the document. I usually don't manage to stick to such commitments but this time I did. It was quite tough yesterday when I had a serious craving for chocolate. So now I went ahead and ate it. I wish it had lasted longer :( (Random thought: Bountys in Jannat will probably provide everlasting satisfaction, no? Insha'allah)

Satisfaction reminds me, the other day I dreamt that I was in the Kamalapuri house and I had a big box of full-sized Snickers in my cupboard. It's funny how many times my notion of home is Kamalapuri. Anyway, so I had eaten one and gave a couple more to people around and then a certain relative came in and said, 'Whaaat? No sharing? Gyu to everybody!' So I took the box to the portiocorto and there everybody was and the bars were passed around. I then got to eat another half. I hate those 15-rupee Snickers bars, they just leave you craving for more. But when I'd had one and a half of a full-sized Snickers bar, I felt so sated. I actually woke up from my dream feeling Snickers-full. How wondrafull!

If you're wondering what's wrong with me, it's not the Bounty, no. I'm just sleep deprived. The parents want me to try out a new morning schedule because of the morning-zombieness I've been experiencing. 

Speaking of parents, Baba told me about how Ammaarah has turned into a big drame-baaz. Actually, she always was a drama queen. Now she's just bigger. I should make a note of the story here. Maybe, insha'allah. Okay sweettops, take care!

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