Thursday, March 22, 2012

Yitts a gurrrl, alhamdulillah

Mabrook, Immu. So now we have A, A, N, N in the new generation :D


I finally finished the stupid document today. I worked so hard on it! If I'd put in as much effort at my regular work stuff or MBA assignments, I'd have got an A+! Funny how my work equations are changing. 

My "key" (I use key everywhere till it makes me sick) motivating factor was a bar of Bounty in the freezer. I bought it more than a week ago and promised myself that I would only eat it if I finished the document. I usually don't manage to stick to such commitments but this time I did. It was quite tough yesterday when I had a serious craving for chocolate. So now I went ahead and ate it. I wish it had lasted longer :( (Random thought: Bountys in Jannat will probably provide everlasting satisfaction, no? Insha'allah)

Satisfaction reminds me, the other day I dreamt that I was in the Kamalapuri house and I had a big box of full-sized Snickers in my cupboard. It's funny how many times my notion of home is Kamalapuri. Anyway, so I had eaten one and gave a couple more to people around and then a certain relative came in and said, 'Whaaat? No sharing? Gyu to everybody!' So I took the box to the portiocorto and there everybody was and the bars were passed around. I then got to eat another half. I hate those 15-rupee Snickers bars, they just leave you craving for more. But when I'd had one and a half of a full-sized Snickers bar, I felt so sated. I actually woke up from my dream feeling Snickers-full. How wondrafull!

If you're wondering what's wrong with me, it's not the Bounty, no. I'm just sleep deprived. The parents want me to try out a new morning schedule because of the morning-zombieness I've been experiencing. 

Speaking of parents, Baba told me about how Ammaarah has turned into a big drame-baaz. Actually, she always was a drama queen. Now she's just bigger. I should make a note of the story here. Maybe, insha'allah. Okay sweettops, take care!

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Le sigh

It feels like my brain's been scooped out, scrubbed and hung to dry. My eyes hurt. I wanted to finish this document today but couldn't. I am done with most of the content but it still needs to be organized, polished and decorated. Sniff.

We went to Nootiaz and Little Italy over the weekend and got to spend a few minutes at a petrol pump Odyssey. Nothing much to say about the food. I indulged in some soolly shopping and then we went back home. Yesterday, the M came home early and we went out but it was a very dull outing. I did get to have nachos though. Yum-mee!

Ammaarah turned 5 last week, masha'allah. She's currently preoccupied with her cousins who're visiting from Emrica so nobody at home gets any bhaav. 

I have an upset stomach and the mental fatigue isn't helping, so sawyu. 

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Mostly for Immu :D

Two things:
1. Alhamdulillah, alhamdulillah -- it feels good to get validation
2. Baby Khalid/Nurayn is due today :D Of course Immu says she's sure it'll take another week, but COME ON BABY! :D I so eggzited. I wants to hold big 'Happy bodday' banner :) Insha'allah, when she comes down in May. 

Immu, may I declare my lau for you today? It's reached a new high :D (which is kinda obvious considering you're a two-in-one now :D)

Soooooooo much lau,
Seema (can you believe my client thought my name was Seema? This is after more than two weeks of working with him :( )

Ah, the human imagination!

I wanted to read a short story to pass time during a break and this one's really crazy:

Here's one very sweet, Tom-Sawyerish short story:

Monday, March 12, 2012


Man gets 10-year RI for raping infant 

How? How does someone do something so perverted? How could someone inflict such violence on a 5 month old? This is after a spate of news articles where women have been the gang-raped, raped in a moving vehicle, raped by her brother!  I'm staring at the screen in disgust and anger and I see this ad:

And I think, thank you so much, dear media and women like our lady here. You can sing "Zara zara touch me, touch me, touch me" all you want. Or be the chikni chameli... why not? You're safe in your bottle. Why, WHY, do you choose to degrade women's status in the eyes of men who're already animals?! Too mad to write anymore.

Tuesday, March 6, 2012


I'm tired. Between a lot of things I did today, I also finished 'Witness The Night', a novel by debutante Kishwar Desai. It's really strange how I managed to pick up two books and both of them had Sikh protagonists! Both talk about (in different ways and of different times) about the crimes committed against women in India. Both left me with a nervous dread once I was done with them.

The second isn't as well-written as Shauna Singh Baldwin's 'What The Body Remembers'. There are some page passages I just want to gloss over because they seem to be educating non-Indians about Indian practices. How come I never see that in western books? Do they assume we know everything or do they have subtler ways of doing so? 

We went to our favourite Mall on Sunday and decided to rest those achy legs at Odyssey. It's getting so hot here! I picked up a number of books but found Manu Joseph's 'Serious Men' quite riveting. What an art it is to pen descriptions of characters that spring to life without any conscious effort from the reader! I didn't want to buy it because I still have a few new books pending plus the hardcover was pretty expensive at 499, so maybe another day.  

We had dinner at Four Seasons and it was lovely, thanks to both amazing food and interesting conversation. I had Rogan Josh for the first time (at least of what I can remember) and enjoyed it. Their biryani doesn't need any praise. Also, the waiters have finally begun to recognize us! 

I got a "terrific" yesterday and felt good about it, alhamdulillah. I'm dragging myself through a deck today. Sigh.

For anyone who's interested in the pomodoro technique, this site is really fun to use. 

It is now time for the Isha prayer. Sawyu.

Sunday, March 4, 2012


What a wonderful beginning to the day! Now to hope it materializes into something good, insha'allah.

- - -

Yesterday I found out that Ammaarah has pushed me over to the opposing party whose sole long-suffering member was baba. Apparently I'm only his daughter and apa is only mummy's daughter and Ammaarah is only mummy's granddaughter. So the three of them are on one side and poor baba and I are in the other. I don't know what I've done to deserve this treatment except for asking some inane questions (just to make conversation) that really exhausted the patience of our royal highness. Humph!

- - -

Dear God, please let people on Facebook realize that notifications of all the tasteless articles they're reading via Washington Post social reader and the horrid videos they're watching via Daily Motion are visible to everyone!

- - -
And now for a quick snooze.

Friday, March 2, 2012


was spent learning about retirement plans for small businesses. The "cooking lady" as my "cleaning lady" likes to call her absented herself without warning so we went to Amaravadi. And then chocolate was had in the car. 

I've been wondering: how does someone teach English? English grammar? My English is supposed to be good but I don't know a thing about antecedents, precedents, what a past participle is -- nothing. 

And so the day ends.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Notes to myself

Alhamdulillah, today's a big day. I hope PP is happy!

*  *  *

I'm doing a lot of writing these days, of course all of it is work-related. You'd think by now the words would flow on their own, without being prodded from well-worn cliches to enlightening, buttery-smooth persuasiveness. I find that while it is tough, I don't mind the grappling, holding the words by their shoulders and pushing them into the mould -- it feels good when they settle down, take the shape I want them to. It makes me wonder what my two degrees are for. Why am I not scared to take up writing but in spite of two years of experience and two years of education, the thought of doing some financial analysis still makes me jittery? I wonder if it's right to assume that you're not going to be successful at something because it doesn't come intuitively to you. Or should I grapple with numbers the way I do with words and make them fit? Only there's no motivation, they don't call me to set them right and if I can afford to keep them away, I do. Then I think of those numbers, the ones that went into my relatively expensive education and feel remorse, short-lived as it is.

This post by Karen McQuestion makes me feel better about the struggle, I hope things will get easier one day:

Here is the image from her post:

*  *  *

I found this link via Dooce's blog today. Like M of Mimmu said the rooms make you go "awwwww maaaaaaaaaaan". Go take a look, really.

*  *  *

I've been reading on the kindle again. Nothing really great, just some ebooks M had found online. One was a book by Danielle Steel called "The House on Hope Street". I wonder if ALL of her books are so predictable! There were some other really unremarkable books I read too. Two I enjoyed reading were "Anansi Boys" by Neil Gaiman (hadn't read him before) and Ray Bradbury's short stories, "The Day It Rained Forever".

We hadn't been out shopping in a long time so I made M take me to a Crossword here that I really like. To be honest, Landmark and Odyssey have much better collections, but not only are they too far away from home, Landmark's outlets are old and have almost no seating space and Odyssey just doesn't feel cozy enough to sit in a corner and read. If we lived closer to one of these places, I'd probably finish some books at the store itself! I was browsing through the Indian section and picked up two books, one is "What the Body Remembers" by Shauna Singh Baldwin and the other is "Witness the Night" (don't remember the name of the author). I'm reading the former and I like its pace and the way she sets the atmosphere. It's a huge book so I thought "Ah! Value for money!" and bought it.

*  *  *

We're all set to add more than an A and an N to the PAX. HE HE HE HE. Insha'allah. I wish I could be there with her!

*  *  *

I don't know what it is, but I keep recalling bits and pieces from my Dammam-childhood. Details of furniture, mattresses, the AC that I cannot think of without imagining its green eye, white bedsheets we got for our new beds that had cheerful stars and stripes on them, the thin mattress in the TV room. Even though we stayed in nearly three (or was it four?) houses, I only think of the Baba-Habbas house. I wonder who lives there now. When I reminded sister of the mattress' cover, its silky feel and how we would pretend we were swimming across it, it was so slippery, she agreed and said, 'Come to think of it, it was such a cheap print". Come to think of it, there were many things I could find fault with now, because of (hopefully) better taste among other things, but as a child these things didn't matter. You didn't mind that your bed was a hand-me-down from another family, it's a detail that you recall only now many years later. Then there were more important things to be concerned about: whose side of the headboard has more Suntop and Ricoh stickers? When we got two separate beds and they were joined together, how could you make sure you marked the groove in between so your sister wouldn't enter your territory? Now I recall all the yummy things we took for granted there: the shawarmas, the zatir, the broasted chicken, the vast variety of chips from Tasali to Zizo to Chipsletten, and the ever-favourite Red Hot chips... I see falafel being sold here for crazy prices and remember how we always used to frown at it. I still don't remember the taste. 

If I ever went back, would the enchantment remain the same? Or would I pick flaws in everything with my new adult eye? 

*  *  *

A TV memory springs to my mind now, a pause in the TV program as an announcement is made: "It is now time for the Maghrib prayer". It is. See you soon!