Thursday, February 23, 2012

Five, going on twenty five

Ammaarah made another one of her crazy remarks the other day.  Constantly bored having only her grandparents to bug and play with, she regularly visits the chachas' houses who all live in different houses right next door. 

So the other day she walks up to Mummy and quite out of the blue says, "Nanu, jab meri shadi hojaati na, main Shehnaz chachi ke ghar mein rehjatyun"

Surprised, Mummy asked her, "Kyun, Ammaarah?"

To which Ammaarah said, "Phir shadi ke baad, main ghar kabhi bhi aa saktyun na." (!) I don't know which five year... updated to add: spends so much time planning her future. At the same age I was probably thinking about what toy I wanted to play next with.

PS: Apologies for leaving the post incomplete la-that! It's what happens when you're sleep deprived and try to write a post. You're in the middle of the post and you go, 'Ooh! A title box! Let me put something in there!' If I forget something this time, please know that I'm going to use the same excuse. In spite of a nap, I'm still stuck in sleepyhead zone. Okay, enough for now!
* * *

Strange things are on work-wise. More details to follow when some stability sets in.

* * *

I made some yummy stuff with chicken in the past few days. I really should put them up here, especially one recipe that I heartily, heartly recommend.

* * *

That's all for now. I shell try to be back sooner!

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