Friday, November 25, 2011

Good news!

I have good news…
The husband got promoted! (MWAHAHAHAHA! Gotchu! What did you think?)

In other news, I have been busy and behind on many things including NaNoWriMo (barely got started), updating ze blog, studying Arabic, updating the Ramadhan tracker… everything. The client has a big deadline coming up on Dec. 1st and the client’s client has been driving everyone up the wall, including yours truly. I’ve even begun having nightmares about things going wrong (which they have) and apparently this happens to everyone around Production (you need to be in IT to know).
In Ammaarah news, apart from asking my parents questions about people’s inteqals, she had enough of hearing "abhi aapku nai samajh mein aata Ammaarah, badhe hue baad samajh mein aata". So the other day she got her notebook and told Mummy, "Meku jo bhi samajh mein nai aata na, main yeh book mein likhtyun. Phir main badhi hogayi baad samajh jaatyun". And later, when Mummy and Baba were studying Arabic (yes, almost the whole family is), she came up to them and said, "Boliye" and Mummy said, "Kya?" so Ammaarah said, "Aap boliye, main likhtyun. Phir main badhi hue baad samajh jaatyun" J

A trip home is coming up in a week – yayy! I hope I get to meet Aroush and co.!

Dec. 1st is a big deadline for the mommy too. I hope everything goes well, insha’allah.
That’s all for now. Peace and lou-u.

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