Friday, November 4, 2011

Crazy times

I was just reading up on Shashi Tharoor when I came across Lavasa LitLive. Surely, it can't be a coincidence that The Hindu and The Times of India both have launched a literature festival for the first time? Even though The Hindu launched the program to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the Literary Review, I have the feeling that Times of India would have thought of this idea first.

Also interesting is the fact that both events are sponsored by real estate -- Hirco sponsored The Hindu's festival and Lavasa (which I initially read as Lavazza and thought Barista was promoting the coffee and books combination :-s) is sponsoring LitLive. Yinnteresting.

I know I'm really behind on updating this blog and I feel terrible about it but I've been so busy at work that I barely have time for anything else. The client is in its testing phase and the whole world has turned upside down. They want this, that and that was well. Their demands are endless and I now realize the downside of being a BA -- when you're the only one talking to the client, then you have to be prepared to handle the bad news as well. Yesterday, I was so frustrated that I wanted to scream. I followed the "Audhubillah" strategy of controlling my anger and it worked, alhamdulillah.

I had a wonderful time at the fest, it was eye-opening to have such intellectuals speak, no matter that they could be talking about things I was remotely interested in -- cinematography, books on cricket, Dalit literature. I made friends too!

I also got an autograph -- from Vikram Seth, no less! I used to be so obsessed with his poetry and prose.

On Diwali, husband and I went shopping and I picked up nearly five books for 650. They're now standing by the books that I bought from the Lit Fest and the two mammoth books that I'm yet to begin reading -- The River of Smoke and The Emperor of Maladies. Honestly, I began reading the latter and it terrified me -- as if I would catch cancer simply by reading the book! I've banned myself from reading these books until I get something substantial done during Nanowrimo. I'm behind my daily target but sticking with it so far.

To anyone who ever gets stuck with writers' block, please, please, please check out this site. Use the web app and feel the pressure! I'm quite grateful for the nanowrimo forums where I first came across this site.

That is all for now. I hope the crazy phase at work ends soon.

Peace, love and :)

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