Sunday, October 30, 2011

... for life

Aadaar Aaadaab Abhinandan Aahar!* (and assalamualaikum)

On Wednesday, as we drove towards the city to have lunch, the M thrust The Hindu into my hands after having picked it up from outside the apartment door. He insisted that we take it with us, so I did and unfolded it while we were on the OMR. An ad that I hadn't seen (given that all my news reading happens via Google News) caught my eye. Here it is for your viewing pleasure (turns out I can't find the original image, so here's one of the programme):

 It's been amazing, can't wait to go back tomorrow. I hope to be back with all the details soon!

PS: Apologies about the messing-up of the previous post. I have no idea how that happened and when I finally saw it, it was too late to fix it. My to-list overfloweth.

Goodbye for now and fee amanillah.

* KBC is the only TV (rather Youtube) program that we watch regularly these days

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