Monday, September 19, 2011


Thanks to a terrible headache, I barely slept last night. There were many interruptions in the morning. Neesha came over in the afternoon, we met after a long time in spite of being in the same city. It was good to talk to her, even better to get a ride in her new Honda Jazz! Such a beautiful car! And she drives it with such cool confidence. I drove for an hour or so on Saturday and wondered why I was torturing myself! Blind, dumb and deaf pedestrians, bad roads and the fear of damaging an already injured car don't make for a good driving experience. Neesha however insists I must persist; I hope it gets better, because otherwise I think I'd rather enjoy the view from the passenger seat. 

Arabic 2 began this morning. There are at least two classmates from Arabic 1 attending this slot and both I've been racing with to answer the teacher's questions. It's great to be enthusiastic about something again. I felt even more excited when she said that we'd be learning the 10 main verb forms in a few weeks and a new world in Arabic would open up to us. Can't wait! She also said it would be a good idea to go ahead and order the Hans-Wehr Modern Arabic dictionary that costs nearly 2K+. It's unique in that the dictionary doesn't go by the usual alphabetic order but is ordered according to the root-words, and all derived words are listed below each root word. I thought I'd get the pdf version but when she reminded me that this was something I'd be using my whole life, I'm now considering buying it. Flipkart has it but I think it'll take some time until I get my hands on it. When I asked the mother about this decision, she said, 'Why don't you cook at home instead of eating three Rs. 600 pizzas? Then you needn't worry about the cost of the dictionary' :| 

Okay, I've just remembered something terribly important. Good bye for now!


Appy said...

Pizza for 600? Wow! I've gotta move to Chennai.

Zari said...

More like 300. 600 is my mom exaggerating. You don't need to move to Chennai, you just need to lower your expectations and order from Pizza Corner.

I always hated Pizza Corner, but for 'halal' reasons we began ordering from PC. It's not as bad as I thought!