Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Eid Mubarak

I have a splitting headache. I had a restful staycation for the last five days but I still came to office today with a lead head. Mother gave me an assignment which I didn’t do on time and then spent too much time on it late into the night.

*  *  *

Eid was special because we went to the Himayat-e-Anjuman mosque here for the Eid namaz. Seems like it’s mostly the posh Muslims of the city that visit this mosque; there were many flashy cars to be seen. Given that it’s in an upscale area of the city, it’s possible that only people with cars visit that mosque. We go there because we don’t know other mosques that have facilities for women and the khutbahs are in Urdu (as opposed to Tamil). I’ve come to appreciate the importance of praying in Arabic after M attended taraweeh where the dua was in Tamil. If you know Arabic, you can pray at any mosque anywhere in the world and still understand everything!

Eid was heartwarming because I saw so many Muslim women and I don’t know any here. It also made me sad because the experience would have been so much more special with Mummy and Blister and Immu and M-PAX and all the other girls around…

Eid was fun because we went to Blur which is a video game arcade (I don’t know what the right word is). We played tennis on the wii, M won a teddy bear from one of the machines and we decided to try out a game whose graphics looked good. It’s called Assassin’s Creed—Brotherhood and it turned out to be really stupid. Or at least I thought it was.

Eid was sad because I missed home, sheer khorma, hating-dressing-up-but-still-having-someone-to-see-or-comment, visiting black chacha and white chacha, visiting Kamalapuri, and the general feeling of celebration.

Eid was yummy because we made biryani. This time I modified Y mami’s recipe to add more onions a la ZaiqaMona. It still didn’t turn out perfect but was tasty enough to keep wanting more.

I want a more Eid-like Eid next year, insha’allah.

*  *  *

Arabic 2 starts this Saturday! Because I wanted to continue with the same teacher, I’m now scheduled for the 7:30 AM slot. HOW am I going to wake up that early on a Saturday?!

*  *  *

I finally took my new red (burgundy?) handbag to office today.

These are the reactions I got:

“Oh! New bag?” (twice)

“Is that leather?” (once)

And that’s it. Maybe people can’t reconcile red with my abayahed image, just like N who made fun of me when I told her we got a red car. Of course, when she saw the actual colour, she said, “Oh. This colour is okay”. I half want to hide the bag myself.

I shall console myself that it’s awesome and people just don’t know it!

*  *  *

I got my award on Monday. It was quite disappointing.

*  *  *

Yesterday while I was waiting for M outside the trial room at Big Bazaar, two little boys danced around their mom to jhing-bang Tamil music. It was quite amusing.

Then their dad stepped out of the trial room wearing the new shirt he had just tried on. The two boys rushed towards their dad like Tamil hero fans shouting “Suuupper” (the Tamilian version of Super has to be heard to be appreciated—it sounds like soup-pair!). I think I’m beginning to appreciate Tamizhness.

*  *  *

I really, really, really, really need to start working on my fitness again. I am SO out of shape.

*  *  *

Okay, bye.

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