Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Her neighbour drops her off a block away. She's exhausted; her neighbour is talking, "I hope I pass my mock visa interview". She wants to reassure her neighbour, but the words are floating away in the grasp of her fatigue. She makes an attempt: "I'm sure..." she says, rubbing her eyes, "that you'll mop... you'll mop... ugh, I'm sure you'll pass your mock visa interview..." She rolls her eyes at herself and signals that she'll leave for her apartment now. She staggers to the apartment, struggles for the key and walks into the empty apartment. 

Her phone's lying on the table where she'd forgotten it in the morning. Three missed calls from her parents. She picks up the phone and finds herself answering that inescapable question, "I'll make dal chawal" she says. Two days of forgettable food and she decides she should cook for the next three days. She washes the palak somehow having mustered the energy to sing while she drains the water (thrice). She's already soaked the dal. She rinses the pressure cooker, adds the dal, the condiments and the palak wishing that her husband was there to eat the  palak-dal. She fixes the cooker's lid and sets the stove knob to high. 

There's only rice enough for two in the jar. She pours it into the bowl and rinses the rice while she's singing. There's an odd high pitched sound in the kitchen. She freezes, the singing stops. She realizes it's the pressure building up in the cooker. She goes back to singing, lost in her own thoughts. She realizes with a start that there's no flame under the pressure cooker. She's forgotten how many times she's washed the rice. It's no use trying all the other burners. She comes to terms with it: they've run out of gas.

She leaves the kitchen and settles into the chair that she barely got out of half an hour ago. Pizza Corner is bringing her pizza. So much for wanting to do the right thing.

PS: the title is ayyayyo in Tamil
PS2: Play Station 2
PS3: Sorry. I'm just braindead. I have to give a presentation on Thursday and I haven't even begun preparing. 
PS4: yes, this is the end of this post. Please don't curse me.

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