Tuesday, August 23, 2011


Ammaarah and I have a game we play. She pretends to be a guest and I have her over and offer her food, and a choice of games to play. This is all done over the phone. So she goes, "Ting-tong!" and I say, "Cone hey?" (I like spelling it that way) and so it continues. Yesterday, I was in a hurry and Ammaarah began ting-tonging. Soon the guest had to leave, so she said, "Khudahafiz, fee amanillah, pappuuz", so I said goodbye to her too but then she started the conversation all over again, so I had to entertain her again. The next time she said "Khudahafiz, fee amanillah, pappuuz", I thought she was hanging up, so I hung up, even though a tiny voice in my head told me she was just being the guest.

Today while I was talking to Mummy, she kept begging for the phone. So Mummy handed her the phone, we were talking about this and that, and all of a sudden, Ammaarah said in an anguished tone, "Peemmi, kal jab main khudahafiz boli thi na...main woh seriously nai boli thi, main khelri thi. Lekin aap phone rakh diye..." and I felt so bad. I apologized to her then but I still feel terrible. 

And of course, I find it quite amusing and amazing that she said "seriously". :D

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