Saturday, July 9, 2011

Home Alone

The M's visiting his parents until Tuesday so now I'm home alone. This is the first time I'll be staying alone-alone (as opposed to hostel-alone) and ze parents are paranoid (Mummy: "Tum kaam hi aise karte", hmmf!), but I'm looking forward to it. It's been a long time since I've had a room to myself, and now I have the whole house!

*  *  *
It's unfortunate how we always choose to spend time over the bad news rather than the good news: I'm talking about the whiny posts on my blog. My last post was written on a Friday two weeks ago, unaware of what the Monday would bering. On Monday, I attended the weekly project team and heard the assistant manager say, "We're releasing six people from the project. The client has made budget cuts across all projects. The six people have been informed and the processing is underway." I had entered the conference room in a dark mood, mad that nobody from the project team had even bothered to tell me about my release and then I realized, that I wasn't the only one. At that, I felt even more pain; the project team is quite close-knit and I really didn't want to to see them break up...

I walked out of the meeting room in a daze, and then the project manager called me. I thought he was finally going to tell me in person. He seemed too mortified to get the words out of his mouth, but he eventually said that the two onsite BAs that I work with mostly, one who I actually report to and the other being the BA for this particular project, had been pressing for my retention, so they were reinstating my role. The assistant manager too called me and said, "Looks like you've really impressed X and Y with your work. Keep it up!" So, it turns out that at least for the present, I am somewhat indispensable, alhamdulillah. I also won a "Biz Whiz" (BhizWiz according to my manager :| ) Applause award for some "domain-building activities". Nothing to shout about from the hills, but appreciated nonetheless.

Yesterday, I met with my new pseudo-manager, he's someone who really commands my respect, both for his manners and his extensive knowledge of capital markets. Na-heee! My workdays are going to get more demanding!

*  *  *

God works in mysterious ways, it's true. During the time that M was away, I was mad at him for almost half the time. Withdrawal symptoms?! Who would have thought?

Since he's been back, I find I appreciate him so much more and we've become even closer, alhamdulillah.

And I have quite a few material reasons to be grateful for the trip! He got me a beautiful handbag and


and this:

aaaaaaaand *drumroll*:

...ze ipad2! As I did with the Kindle, I wasn't too excited, in fact I urged him to gift it to his parents or mine because I couldn't figure out what we would do with three compooters. But after putting it up in the kitchen, listening to a khubah while cooking, browsing for recipes (looking up til ki chutney on zaiqa), and the funnest part, facetiming with Immus Naini, I think I'm beginning to convert. Truth be told I could have done all of these earlier too, we always had a netbook with its own built-in webcam, but that was languishing in a drawer as a substitute for the BigLaptop. With the amazing case that M got, just opening the magnetic case switches the ipad on and voila, it's ready to use! No waiting for startup, the great battery life means you don't have to be worried about charging it frequently, just touch and vroom! :)

*  *  *

Last week was scary too: Amita's dad is still partially on ventilator because his lungs are too weak, P bhai still hasn't recovered completely but has made great progress alhamdulillah, both MIL and FIL are having some medical troubles, and Nanima went through a heart-failure scare... we take so much for granted, every breath included. May Allah ta'ala make us more mindful of our shortcomings and more grateful for our blessings.

Today is Study Arabic Day, so I'll be off now. Take care of you.


Abez said...

I like how your hubby got you the Steve Jobs that came with the iPad too :p

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Zari d'Silvah said...

:D Well, he is the apple of my i(pad):D *ducks*