Friday, June 17, 2011

Take me away

The work emails in my inbox are the same as always, completely normal. No one with the exception of my manager has told me, hello honey, you gotta go soon. Is that why? Because it's soon and not now? I realized after Fajr in the morning, that the major chunk of work that I was handling is expected to end in a couple of weeks, at the same time that they expect me to be 'released'. That makes me feel so used. But considering that "human capital" is always talked about in terms like 'resource management' or 'utilization', why should that even be a surprise?


What is a surprise though, is an email asking me to take on some additional responsibility from the client's side BA. I'm guessing he hasn't been told yet. Now I'm wondering whether I should tell him or just go ahead and work on it, and two weeks later, he'll find that I've Poof!ed. Actually, I'm going to Poof! In a week's time thanks to a visit to Hyderabad.


Funny, I'd nearly forgotten about it. I hope I can spend some time with MPAX and her baybees, insha'allah. If it was really possible, I'd just ask her to escape from her place as often as I could, in that one week! I really want a break. I wish I could go to New York L .


When ze manager told me yesterday, my brain started the QUIT! QUIT! QUIT! chant out of the blue. But what's the use? I know the money will keep me grounded.


M said...

Like Aroush says ... aaggggg >:D<
n jallli aaaao !!

Zari d'Silvah said...

lol.. is that agggg or ahhhhh? aarein, insha'allah!

M said...

Aggggg matlab Hugggggg

Zari d'Silvah said...

oh :D LOL! Aroush papa ku bolna hai... I want to make frenship wid u. :D Bante uno dost?