Thursday, March 31, 2011

wheehoo! :D

Alhamdulillah :) Just won a spelling bee on a radio show while coming back home :D Listeners had to dial in and pick a category between: a dish, a place or an animal for the first word and then the RJ'd change it on her own.Two listeners called in before me, making 4 and 5 respectively. So I just had to get 6 right to win.  I chose 'Something to eat' but I can't remember what the word was :| I guess I'll just list them in the order that I remember:


At this point I'd got 6 correct and was waiting for the 7th one. I guess the biggest mistake I made was to spell them out really fast and confidently (which the others hadn't done even when they knew the spelling), so I shouldn't have been surprised when she said, 'Okay, so going back to 'something to eat', spell the cheese, canonbuhr.' She repeated it almost 3-4 times, saying that it was not n but m, but I couldn't get it right. And then she said, it's spelt: c-a-m-e-m-b-e-r-t. Camembert :| When she spelt it, I realized that I'd actually read that word before, but since I really don't know my French pronunciation, I'd pronounced it exactly like I read it! Anyway, she called me up again later and said that I'd won and that it was really good that I was such a good speller where 'these days people don't even get simple words right' :) (alhamdulillah :) ) and that she would only give me the prize if I sounded abnormally excited :| Turned out that I really couldn't do that when she put me on air again (ooh, that sounds so lovely :D) so she made me do a 'woohoo' :| which I did... and won a Landmark voucher worth Rs. 500 :) She called me back again later to tell me that her team would get in touch with me in a week and let me know how to pick it up :)

YAYYYYYYYYYY :D Ok, the showing off ends here :D Tta!


shub said...

Haha! I got all excited reading it too! :)
Is your mind going craaazy trying to decide how best to spend the voucher? :D

Zari d'Silvah said...

Hello Shubza, sorry about the late reply. I had it all planned out but collecting the voucher was too complicated :(