Thursday, March 17, 2011


<This was written yesterday…>

So happy Alhamdulillah. The husband has just won ‘Associate of the year’! Masha’allah, I’m really proud of him. I really have never met a person who is so focused on excellence and going the extra mile. From staying up late at night to meet deadlines, like his (and mine K ) senior manager said to attending to a bronchitis-ridden wife while taking care of a seriously ill cousin… he does it all, and well, masha’allah. It really does all boil down to single-minded focus, something that I find increasingly hard to achieve. One minute I’m working, the next I’ve opened up another tab and am googling for a particular recipe or looking up somebody on Wikipedia or my most addictive habit: reading blogs. Justthisoneandi’llgobacktoworkpleasepleaseplease.

The senior manager sent a wonderful email too and I’m so happy, I can’t stop smiling. Of course, I’m still wondering if the M is wearing anything resembling a smile on his face right now. M is the epitome of equanimity. In some ways, we really are poles apart. For example, this weekend (which btw was the funnest weekend I’ve had in a long time) we played a number of games… at a video arcade (or whatever it’s called) we played air hockey, raced cars… at home we played Reversi… and then we were playing tennis on the wii. So we’re playing air hockey, a more advanced version where multiple pucks come on to the table without warning, and I’m dashing my striker(?) wildly to the left and right, trying to play defense and Mr. M just keeps calm, finds a great angle and keeps shooting the pucks into the goal (okay, I have no clue what it’s called). I scream in frustration (quite unladylike but completely involuntary) when the score goes 14 – 7, obviously in his favour, and I look up at him and he has the tiniest smile on his face and his eyebrows are a millimeter above their usual position… and I think, it must be this zen-ness that works so well for him…

My new friend, let’s call her Amita, will swear and rant at traffic unless I keep her occupied with conversation. M rarely, if ever, loses his cool. So there are people standing in the middle of the road and the standard Chennai response is to honk  everyone’s ears out, M just gently swerves the car around the blockers and proceeds on his way. If I could be even half as calm or half as focused… (well, you probably wouldn’t be seeing this post :D)

I think when it comes to giving it his all, he’s the son my mom never had. His manager frequently goes on and on and on about how great M is, and his manager is pretty great at his job himself… and while a part of me goes I wish someone would say something like that about me, I know after living with him that he’s wayyyyy up there and I’m busy trying to drag myself out of the latest hole I’ve dug into. May Allah ta’ala continue to bless both of us… ameen.

Speaking of Amita, we’ve been invited to their house for dinner J It makes me so happy to have ze girlfriend. I have no women colleagues and I’ve given up trying to make girl-talk with M, he’s just not that kind of guy. I often find myself staring wistfully at girls giggling away near the elevator and remember R & S at my previous job. I have no one to go to lunch with too, so I often have lunch with Agatha Christie or John Grisham or Marian Keyes depending on what is available on my kindle (M loaded it with an Agatha Christie collection of 69 books and a similar collection of John Grishams, they’re great company). So those 1.5 hours that I spend commuting are actually a pretty pleasant part of the day and I’m grateful for that, Alhamdulillah J Considering that we started off quite badly thanks to my foot-in-mouth disease, it’s great that we’ve now built such a good rapport, that one day we spoke the exact same sentence at the same instant! J (I’m totally acting like a little girl who got herself a best friend K)

<…continued today>

M of Mimmu, I guess I’ll just call her Mimmu, now has two babies, two gurls, masha’allah J Hope we can make it to Hyderabad for the aqeeqah. Muster, fuster and ammaarah travel to the U.S. tonight. I’m so going to miss Ammaarah L And my parents too actually, considering that I feel jittery if I haven’t spoken to them at least once a day.

I have a lot of things to be grateful for, many, many, many Alhamdulillah. I need to act more deserving of them though… time to go, for now.


M said...

Mubarak to M bhai for the Title and also for having a Wonderful n Soo-much-in-louu-with-him Wifeeyyy :-D
MashAllah :-)

Zari d'Silvah said...

Jazakallah ma :) Hum milne aarein na insha allah :)

Dreamcatcher said...

Awww how sweet is this post. Congratulations to him.
:) Made me smile, this one.

shub said...

Aww, gusher, you :)

Zari d'Silvah said...

Ish, fankyew :)

Shubza, I didn't realize I was gushing until one of my cousins pointed it out :( That made me feel :-s