Wednesday, March 2, 2011


Please to excuse the long absence. Two weekend trips and bizzybizzyness at work.

I finally got around to copying pictures from the camera to the laptop. Here we go!

Pondicherry's French Quarter:

It probably doesn't look very different from a normal Indian setting here but you can feel the difference when you're there. Also, it's much, much cleaner.

 It's a rather boring place though: the beach isn't much different from any of those along the ECR which are closer. We didn't go to Auroville though. This was on Diwali and it was closed.

I have a thing for red and I loved this house.

And now on to Coonoor, Ooty's little brother. We stayed at a lovely hotel. View from the reception:

Love the antique wood feel and wooden flooring. 

Another  view:

View from the rooms

 The lovely lawn. Couldn't get enough of it.

 The hotel:

Mudumalai Tiger Reserve. This is supposed to be a forest. I was so disappointed.

We were warned by the taxi driver to visit the reserve in the morning; we'd have a better chance of spotting some wildlife, his constant refrain being: "Don't waste your money madam. Don't waste your money madam".

He didn't know we were the kind of people who think a free buffet breakfast beats wildlife spotting.

I wish this photo had come out better: Mr. Peacock rushing away from our car. 

This Mr. Axis Axis (yeah, the scientific name for the Chital) decided that he would pity us poor city folk and gave us a pose.

 We supposedly went to Ooty to attend a wedding reception. This amazing chandelier at the Fortune Hotel in Ooty.

When we got back to the hotel around ten p.m. and walked into the lawn, there were chairs arranged in a circle and firewood burning in the center. It was quite chilly and the fire was just warm enough to make you want to sit there.

There were cycles of all sizes standing in the lawn. The M & I cycled for a bit. I hadn't ridden a cycle in ages. It took some time to get the hang of it again. Fo much fun.

The lawn again. You can see I'm quite obsessed with it. There's something about the setting and that air... wished I could set up house there for good.

My pretensions at being a writer:

See, cycles! I also sat on a swing late in the night and remembered swinging at Kpuri. Sniff.

The tea plantations. PAX :'(

Sim's Park. Thankfully not one of those manicured parks, but a natural breathtaking beauty.

While boating at Sim's Park.

Back to the daily grind now. Sigh.


Arpita said...

Ha! It's funny, but I still remember your handwriting. Weird, huh?

Zari d'Silvah said...

Why is it that all I remember of your writing is that it's tiny? :(