Monday, January 24, 2011

Something about ending well

Yesterday didn't start on the bestest of notes. I woke up late, got mad at myself for not doing the umpteen items on my to-do list and just lazed around - dreading that I had to cook. There's a ton of qurbani gosht in the freezer that takes forever to thaw, and then has all these bits of black (skin? :-s) stuck to the fat. The smell, those bits just make me so nauseous that I didn't want to cook at all - even though it's been ages since I've had that famous Hyderabadi khorma. And then M just had to remind me about the khorma and I lost it :(

My mood continued to be horrible even though much manaofying was in progress. The laziness seemed to have settled deep into my bones, so I decided that endorphins were badly needed to kickstart this machine. Half an hour later with level 1 of the 30 day shred done, I was feeling like a person capable of motion. Amazing what exercise can do. Logged in to sparkpeople, updated my tracker... my SparkStreak of 'exercise for a minimum of 10 minutes every day' continues alhamdulillah. A really cool feature at sparkpeople is that you get points for logging in the form of a wheel of fortune style spinning wheel... definitely keeps me coming back everyday alhamdulillah.

Anyway, the grumpy mood subsided eventually and husband and I sat in the kitchen letting it simmer. What was supposed to be lunch finally became dinner but both of us were quite excited at the prospect of khorma. I decided we would take some over to S&S's house because there was just too much for us to finish. And then I came up with the idea of having our dinner at the beach... so we packed up everything and set out in great excitement.

Turns out S of S&S fame doesn't eat non-veg., I felt really bad, but Mr. S was excited about having mutton so it was okay. We landed at the beach to find it extremely crowded and noisy, not quite the quiet dinner I had imagined in my head. To make matters worse, two doggies decided to watch us eat, one on either side of  us. When one kept coming too close, M threw it a bone and a piece of mutton - that kept it occupied for some time. The other one didn't do much but growl towards the end but by then we had already packed everything. Oh, and how can I forget this lady who came and stood by our bedsheet, speaking in some incomprehensible language, watching us eat. I eventually took some of my bagara khana, wrapped it up in a newspaper and gave it to her. No more dinner at the beach!

We had some yummy gelatos, walked around and came back home by 10. Twas a nice date!

Time to go to work now! My new project is still struggling :( I don't know when I'll get the time for it.

Fee amanillah!

Today's post was brought to you by: this lovely* and this (not so lovely) and not-to-forget this!

PS: To miss I-make-awesome-tala-hua-gosht, miss mother-of-two-biryani-maker and miss kheema-biryani-supremo, I know you'll find this posting a bit too extravagant for a mere khorma, but I-don't-care!

*(modified to match mummy's cooking: no coconut and replacing groundnuts with khus khus)


M said...

Making khorma neeeds soo much more patience than making biryani aur tala hua gosht or nething else !!!!

It luks yummmmmyyy btw :-D

- Umm Aroush :)

Zari d'Silvah said...

:D Slaanlekum! :D Thank you ma :) True thing about patience! I have no idea how you even manage dal with two papas :)

Btw, tumhara doosra comment hai on this blog, thank you so much... you made my day :)

dazzle said...

I was going to write the exact same thing ... Too much work involved and am lazyy :D

I've just made khorma twice ab tak...1st time disaster -2nd time ok-ok,
but nowhere close to the one above,looks amazing :)

Zari d'Silvah said...

Forry for the late reply...

wow.. that's a relief :) Looks amazing but still lacked mummy wala taste :( And you can't see any gosht because it 'galled' completely. Mona's recipe says 'pressure cook till 3/4th done'... ab woh kitna rehta nee malum na!

btw, was really missing you guys last night :(