Monday, January 24, 2011

Something about ending well

Yesterday didn't start on the bestest of notes. I woke up late, got mad at myself for not doing the umpteen items on my to-do list and just lazed around - dreading that I had to cook. There's a ton of qurbani gosht in the freezer that takes forever to thaw, and then has all these bits of black (skin? :-s) stuck to the fat. The smell, those bits just make me so nauseous that I didn't want to cook at all - even though it's been ages since I've had that famous Hyderabadi khorma. And then M just had to remind me about the khorma and I lost it :(

My mood continued to be horrible even though much manaofying was in progress. The laziness seemed to have settled deep into my bones, so I decided that endorphins were badly needed to kickstart this machine. Half an hour later with level 1 of the 30 day shred done, I was feeling like a person capable of motion. Amazing what exercise can do. Logged in to sparkpeople, updated my tracker... my SparkStreak of 'exercise for a minimum of 10 minutes every day' continues alhamdulillah. A really cool feature at sparkpeople is that you get points for logging in the form of a wheel of fortune style spinning wheel... definitely keeps me coming back everyday alhamdulillah.

Anyway, the grumpy mood subsided eventually and husband and I sat in the kitchen letting it simmer. What was supposed to be lunch finally became dinner but both of us were quite excited at the prospect of khorma. I decided we would take some over to S&S's house because there was just too much for us to finish. And then I came up with the idea of having our dinner at the beach... so we packed up everything and set out in great excitement.

Turns out S of S&S fame doesn't eat non-veg., I felt really bad, but Mr. S was excited about having mutton so it was okay. We landed at the beach to find it extremely crowded and noisy, not quite the quiet dinner I had imagined in my head. To make matters worse, two doggies decided to watch us eat, one on either side of  us. When one kept coming too close, M threw it a bone and a piece of mutton - that kept it occupied for some time. The other one didn't do much but growl towards the end but by then we had already packed everything. Oh, and how can I forget this lady who came and stood by our bedsheet, speaking in some incomprehensible language, watching us eat. I eventually took some of my bagara khana, wrapped it up in a newspaper and gave it to her. No more dinner at the beach!

We had some yummy gelatos, walked around and came back home by 10. Twas a nice date!

Time to go to work now! My new project is still struggling :( I don't know when I'll get the time for it.

Fee amanillah!

Today's post was brought to you by: this lovely* and this (not so lovely) and not-to-forget this!

PS: To miss I-make-awesome-tala-hua-gosht, miss mother-of-two-biryani-maker and miss kheema-biryani-supremo, I know you'll find this posting a bit too extravagant for a mere khorma, but I-don't-care!

*(modified to match mummy's cooking: no coconut and replacing groundnuts with khus khus)

Sunday, January 16, 2011


Assalamualaikum! :)

I'm really happy today alhamdulillah on a personal level. I crossed off items on my to-do list, joined Spark People, and worked out for the first time after that horrible bout of bronchitis-throat infection-coughititis. I really want to continue feeling this way... in control of things and not have it the other way round. I have the horrible habit of thinking that if I ignore some things they'll go away on their own :| 

The whole Spark People thing started because I was sampling books on the Kindle and thought maybe this one will get me going... so I bought the Kindle version of the Spark book then got hooked on to the site. I also started using my HTC again (even though the keyboard doesn't work anymore :( ) so hopefully even if I can't access the site from office, I should be able to track my progress. I just hope this isn't that one day high and I'll be down again starting tomorrow. 

Also listened to some lectures today, mainly this one on 'Islam and Ego'. I really wished that Br. Nouman would never stop talking. I wonder how the sahaba felt then, when the Prophet Muhammad (sallallahu alayhi wa sallam) was speaking to them. (On a sidenote, I was thinking that if we have a son insha allah, we should name him Muhammad :), what could be a better name than that?)

Some of my excitement is also because I made some extra effort and thought would make til ki chutney. So I went to Mona's blog and dug it up and alhamdulillah, it came out so well! I must've finished a teaspoon worth just in licking my fingers. Now to hope that the husband likes it too. 

P bhai's situation seems to be quite complicated still... there is some leakage again in his brain... they're hoping it's pus or they'll have to operate again... M's in the hospital now, they must have got the news by now... but I'm afraid of disturbing A apa if I call... ya Allah, please bring peace to their family and heal P bhai completely... ameen.