Sunday, December 19, 2010

Dear M

So should I pretend I know or should I pretend I don't know? :P Well, the cat's out of the bag, innit? "Anyways", you had to find out some time. Happy reading (hopefully I will continue here)!

As to updates on the resolution front: it went pretty well, much better than I thought. Waking up early gives you oodles of time to make fill up your life more meaningfully, actually it also gives you more time to waste, but that's up to you. Unfortunately, I had so much work that I ended up working on most of those early morning days. But then... sigh... she falls the sick. She gets the bronchitis and she doesn't wake up early three days in a row. Or maybe that's four now. N and I actually went on a 1 hour walk on the beach. It was good. 

P bhai had to be re-admitted into the ICU. Ya Allah, please bless him with a full recovery.

In other news, the parents are back from the wedding in Delhi, and mom told me the most hilarious conversation that took place between the niece and Mummy. Ammy asked Mummy 'Aap inse shadi kare?' pointing at Baba. And Mummy was so stunned, she said 'Kyun, Ammaarah?' and Ammy said something to the effect of 'Agar koi aur rehte the toh uno meku nai satate the na' :P

Ok, gtg.

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