Sunday, December 19, 2010

Dear M

So should I pretend I know or should I pretend I don't know? :P Well, the cat's out of the bag, innit? "Anyways", you had to find out some time. Happy reading (hopefully I will continue here)!

As to updates on the resolution front: it went pretty well, much better than I thought. Waking up early gives you oodles of time to make fill up your life more meaningfully, actually it also gives you more time to waste, but that's up to you. Unfortunately, I had so much work that I ended up working on most of those early morning days. But then... sigh... she falls the sick. She gets the bronchitis and she doesn't wake up early three days in a row. Or maybe that's four now. N and I actually went on a 1 hour walk on the beach. It was good. 

P bhai had to be re-admitted into the ICU. Ya Allah, please bless him with a full recovery.

In other news, the parents are back from the wedding in Delhi, and mom told me the most hilarious conversation that took place between the niece and Mummy. Ammy asked Mummy 'Aap inse shadi kare?' pointing at Baba. And Mummy was so stunned, she said 'Kyun, Ammaarah?' and Ammy said something to the effect of 'Agar koi aur rehte the toh uno meku nai satate the na' :P

Ok, gtg.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Day 1 - going strong alhamdulillah

Woke up at 5:30, prayed Fajr, read Quran, boiled the dal, cut the
beans, folded the clothes that had been piling up on the fosa, 20
minutes of Jane Fonda aerobics and leaving for work in 20 minutes...
EEP! The only thing I'm scared of is that I have an exam to give and I
hope I'm not going to feel sleepy during the day.

Monday, December 6, 2010

Notes to meself

Assalamualaikum :)
I feel the urgent need to post but I have only a few minutes before we leave for home.
Some notes from the weekend:
1. Sometimes it takes only the turning of a routine activity into a fun activity to make your husband really happy :)
2. We visited P bhai at the hospital. His progress has been unsteady what with having multiple infections, high fever and his only communication being limited to mumbling a few words we tried really hard to understand. His sister tried so hard to make him wish her a happy birthday and he did manage it after all, barely mumbling it... but what was beautiful was that when she asked him to press her hand, he held it tightly, brought it up to his lips and gave her a kiss on the back of her hand. It must be so painful to try to get your 40 year old brother to speak and not have him answer. I found myself wondering how we were so amazed that he finally did speak a few incoherent words when in a normal situation you would take the ability to speak completely for granted.
3. We had dinner at a Mut'am :D Yes, there's a restaurant here that has it's name written in Arabic. I just wanted to go there because I thought it would remind me of Dammam in some way. The food wasn't spectacular though
4. It's been raining here so heavily, the roads are flooded, people are wading through dirty, ankle/calf-deep water. Alhamdulillah for being able to travel in a car.
5. On Muslimmatters Open Thread I came across the article on facebook. I tend to waste a lot of time on facebook, especially given that I have so many 'friends' and I can read all their updates. For a second after reading that article, I thought I would go ahead and deactivate it immediately, but something in my mind (my nafs :|) said it would be too drastic. So for now I plan to do some 'trigger-happy' cutting off of people. Or maybe get another account that I can actually share my thoughts on.
6. I really really need the motivation to cook. Please help me :(
7. Nizha and I have decided that we'll do a month long developing habits run - waking up early and working out for 4 hours a week. I know once I wake up early, I can fit other things into my schedule like continuing the tafseer from Bayyinah, working out, making meals ready, and generally having a more meaningful life. I really, really want to make this work. Help me ya Allah, please.
Okay, now I'm too hungry to think. Ahbeback.

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Bayyinah Notes - Tafseer of Surah Naba - part 1

1. Two kinds of news - Naba and Khabar. Naba is a momentous event, that will have a material consequence that will affect you

2. Fihi instead of fee - 'really?!'

3. Mukhtalifoon - Mu means a constant state (of disagreement)

4. Kalla - has to do with 'Stop!' , stop, you're going to find out very soon. It is like saying 'Nonsense!' 'All of you stop talking' (meaning holds if you pause after Kalla), if you don't pause, then it means 'truly', or like 'no, no the reality is very soon they're going to find out'... the 'No, No' is kalla (without a pause)

5. First time you will realize what you're facing is when you're at qiyamah, second time will be in hellfire... for summa kalla sayalamoon (kalla sa ya'lamoon, summa kalla sa ya'lamoon)

6. Rhyme scheme tells you where a paragraph opens or begins 

7. Allah starts telling you about his blessings - He starts talking about the things he creates for you to understand how small your abilities are, compared to His. For e.g. talking about the mountains as pegs (You make tents, look at the kinds of pegs I use for my tents)

8. Sina - slumber, Nawm - deep sleep. Subaata - that cuts off. Night cuts you off... from your soul, cuts you off from your daily affairs, you don't exist for those few hours, you're cut off from the world. Foreshadowing of the resurrection... all human beings will be cut off from one another, all relationships will be chopped can't avoid your sleep, you're overwhelmed by it... you think the Hereafter is so impossible, you can't even avoid your sleep. 

9. Libasa - garment, night covers you like a blanket, you hide under the night. It's a cover on you that you're not capable of taking off. The night has overcome everyone, has manifested over you. An example of Allah's creation overpowering all his creation.

10.The day is ma'ash.... ma'ash - means of livelihood, time of livelihood. 

11. Fauqakum - constructed above you. Compare human construction with Allah's seven heavens. Allah is putting the human being in his place pointing out that the human being has no reason to scoff at the hearafter. 

12. Siraj - that emits light, shining and blazing. Wahhaj again highlights dazzling, an illustration of Allah ta'alas power by creating the sun

13. Asarah - to squeeze. Winds squeeze the clouds and it rains. Or clouds that are so full that they can't hold any more water and it rains. Hajjaj - heavy or profuse. Human beings are overpowered by floods or by droughts... Allah ta'ala is again illustrating his power over the human being. 

14. Habban - wheat, grains, Nabata - vegetables. Jannaat - lush gardens, Lafeef - wrapped around, Alfaf - intertwined plants, lush full with intertwined plants, can't tell where one plant begins another ends.

15. Now that the human being is put in his place, Allah ta'ala goes back to discussing the DoJ. Yaumul fasl - the day of separation or the day of separation of truth from falsehood. Followers will be separated from their leaders, a tyrant will be separated from his power, separated from their families...most graphic description - mother will be separated from her child...

16. This day of parting, of clear distinction has already been appointed, it's like clockwork. Just like the night and day, the pairs of man and wife, just like you expect the day to turn into the night, expect the hereafter, the hereafter HAS to come, it will come. Human being you better realize you're marching towards your Lord, minute by minute, second by second, whether you realize it or not, you're moving in that direction.