Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Zari the awesome



I has headache. But I should be am really proud of myself today. You know why?


·         I woke up when Rwari came in

·         I stayed up till she cleaned, reading the Hawkins Pressure Cooker manual. There really are so many things I did not know about pressure cooking. My MIL had asked me to read it. But did I listen? No. 

Hey, this was a list of things I'm proud of myself for. So:

·         I soaked the dal and while waiting, I first did some twenty minutes of Jane Fonda's aerobics. All energized!

·         Then I listened to a lecture on Quranic Arabic.

·         I stayed up. This is very important because I was tempted to go back to bed (just 5 minutes) many, many times

·         Then I set the cooker on the stove and chopped bhindi! The bhindi was very clean and it took only a few minutes to chop! I've never made bhindi on my own.

·         Then I decided to go Italian. We had some left over pizza seasoning and chilli flakes from a pizza corner delivery. The idea for using garlic came from the internets.

·         So, ladies and gentlements, Italian bhindi or shall I say Italian Okra? Orrrrrr…… Finely sliced okra sautéed in garlic and seasoned with Italian herbs?

·         Yeah, so I got some garlic paste and fried it in oil. Added the bhindi, added the seasoning, some salt and some red chilli powder and there you go ladies and gentlements, amazing Italian bhindi!

·         The only sad part was that two bhindis hid in the red bowl I washed them in, so we fell short of the bhindi.

·         I fed the husband as he ran helter-skelter in the house putting on socks, shoes et al. I felt like a good wife. It's not a feeling I get very often.

·         He liked the bhindi. Which means more bhindis are going to get fried tonight. Even those two sneaky ones.

I love me!

Actually there's one more thing to be proud of: I bravely resisted the urge to add my favourite cooking ingredient: butter.

Don't you love me?


dazzle said...

Hehehehe ..... You sound like Geet (Jab we met ) .... "Main apni favourite hoon" :D


Zari d'Silvah said...

In my defense, nobody was reading the blog at that time :P Koi toh rehna na cheer karne kuch achha kaam kare toh?