Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Reasons not to browse aimlessly:

1. wasting time that I owe the company - it's ethically  wrong
2. Focusing on work that has to be done here - thinking  about the next steps - getting ahead - won't be possible  if I waste my time reading articles that will bring me no benefit
3. Once I get done with work, I can focus on a few blogs that actually get a better hold on my life
 4. I get more active time if I get off my butt
5. Less things to crowd my brain with as my brain isn't full of faff
6. Reading blogs that might have a negative influence on me
7. Not feeling guilty at the end of the day when I recall  the time I wasted
8. Feeling guilty -> feeling worthless -> loss of self- esteem. Completely unnecessary

What can I do to replace this habit?

1. Check my outlook email
2. Make a printable CEO list on three things to do today. Divide first task into small chunks
3. Breathe, visualize, pray, begin
4. Work for 30 minutes non-stop
Credit: Zen Habits' Focus Free

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