Thursday, November 11, 2010


·         I'm so sleepy. I just learned from one of my would-be managers that I might have to train some developers in a few domain based courses. The funny part is I'm doing the training myself… what am I going to teach them? Plus I've never taught anyone unless you count teaching little girls IInd class syllabus while they're studying in the VIth class.


·         Hwaaa. I wish I were a bird, wrap a wing around my head and go to sleep.


·         Pshaw. The first challenging thing in this job and this is my reaction. I should be screaming, "Bring it on!" a la Jillian Michaels screaming. (I sometimes find myself echoing her words in my brain. Proof that anything you listen to on a regular basis stagnates in your brain unless replaced by something more irritating)


·         We're supposed to be attending someone's wedding reception today. I'm mainly going because the husband's boss wanted me to meet his wife. We seem to have a lot in common.


·         Where's my wing?


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